Interested in mods that make all expansion more challenging

Content of the article: "Interested in mods that make all expansion more challenging"

I like playing on max size/slowest reasonable speed. I actually launched my first game of Stellaris (not too long ago, sadly) on the slowest research speed possible, 5x. I was happy to feel like I had finally found a game with a setting that made research feel TOO slow for me. Now I play at 1.5x, and everything else set to max.

I was just reflecting today that one element I'd like to explore tweaking to the game is that the game does feel like an ongoing rush to expansion. Especially in the early game, I just hustle those science ships and then constructors to lock off any choke points I can find. Then I spread ASAP to the borders of any AI races I discover. Then finally after I claim the internal blob that's available to me, I start saving up influence points to claim any vacant stars 10 jumps away past some AI race so that I can just keep grabbing territory.

After all that's done, I sit quiet for a while to colonize planets, build things up, build border stations and trade stations, etc. Finally I start paying some attention to my neighbors' military might, looking for additional expansion options.

I wonder if things could be different. In real life, I could imagine the notion that the first interstellar outpost station would be a huge deal in terms of management. I could imagine our planet taking a moment to pause and establish what it means to occupy two stars. I could imagine that happening again at the third star, and things REALLY slowing down with the establishment of a second planet. And what about claiming space all the way on the other side of another alien race's territory, what would that really mean for our "administrative capacity," as it's represented in the game?

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In short, I'd be curious about well-made, well-balanced mods which make it much more challenging to rush to claim systems, for both me and all AI factions.


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