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Unlike other Paradoxs RTS Games, such as Hearts of Iron and Victoria, Stellaris doesn't focus on a specific part of the gameplay. It has kind of a population and economy system, though Vic2 is more in-Depth on the subject. It has kind of a military system, but HoI4 is much more in-Depth.

In itself, that's not a problem. But, at times, certain aspects of running your interstellar empire feel kinda shallow.

And my biggest critique of this is how internal politics work.

Sure, you can change your ethics and civics and government and there are election, and if the Emperor dies without an Heir a Pretender rises to take the Throne, and there are factions, being on good terms with whom is a practical must if you want to accomplish anything, but that is it.

There is a positive feedback loop, in which a faction gaining support in a democracy increases the chance that their leader gets elected. But then the fact that said faction has their leader in office gives them extra attraction, and thus more support, and thus a higher chance that its leader becomes President, Prime Minister, Commissar-General, Consul or whatever.

And internal politics feel static. They need to be a bit more fleshed out. I'm not saying (anymore, that is) that Stellaris should basically copy Vic2 for this aspect of the game, but improvements can be made.

Firstly, by making ethics shift chance higher and ethics attraction modifiers more consequential. This would mean that an empire that has many rivals would have way more militarists.

Also, make faction demands more dynamic. For example, allow them to change their policies as time goes on.

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And add two more things: Empire Stability and Faction Radicalisation.

Empire Stability would be a bit of an average value of the stability on your colonies.

It would, hypotetically, be calculated as the stability of each colony times the amount of pops on it, divided by the amount of colonies (colony here is defined as any inhabited thing with pops on it owned by you) times the amount of pops you have.

It could also be affected by empire sprawl.

Another thing that would be welcome would be Faction Radicalisation. It would represent the percentage of pops belonging to thay faction which have become radicalised.

A lot of things could radicalise or de-radicise pops, but the main factors would be their faction's demands not being met, being in a shortage of food, energy, or consumer goods, and radicalisation of an opposing faction, especially if on the same planet. Deradicalisation would be achieved by having the faction's ethics represented in the empire ethics, giving radicalised pops better living standards, and having that faction in charge.

Radicalisation would be pretty bad, as it would reduce your colonies' stability, increase crime, and lead to some nasty event and lead to more radicalisation.

But, if a faction is powerful and radicalised enough and empire stability is low enough, they could attempt a coup. The coup-ing faction might ally with other displeased and radicalised factions that aren't directly opposite. Depending on their support, especially on the capital, the coup might succeed or fail. If it succeeds, the empire's government and ethics change according to the factions partecipating in the coup and their power relative to eachother. If not, these things stay the same. Then, every colony comes in contension between either the government and the failed coup's factions or the new government and the other factions. Depending on local support, a planet and system might pick either side, and a civil war begins. Whoever wins the civil war gets to impose their government system.

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