Just started and a noob but had an epic game last night, want to tell you about it. AAR kinda

I played Machines and somehow I stumbled upon the Crisis perk and suddenly since I'm a noob and didn't know what to expect I got kicked out of my Federation and the entire galaxy declared war on me.

This was actually fine, however, I bunkered down way earlier in the game and my borders were all pretty secure and so I started to consume stars to fulfil my victory goal.

But then something happened.

Some unconfirmed reports of some space-time disturbances in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Suddenly entire worlds and races started going silent.

Where one moment I was getting threats from the entire Galaxy, the next, channel after channel would first go to static and then to dead.

I went to the Artisan troupe to get the art piece I commissioned and all I found was a star system full of debris of what can I only assume was their Star Station and fleet.

What the hell is going on?

Then I saw them.

These.. *things*, these creatures. They started flooding the galaxy and consuming the races one by one.

My own max level Star bases started falling to overwhelming numbers of these xenos and my Doomsday Device was no where near full.

At first I tried to fight them, but even as strong as my fleets seemed to be, and no matter how many losses I thought I inflicted on them, their numbers seemed to be increasing, while my own casualties were starting to pile up.

I got scared. My machine empire was facing an unprecedented threat and it seemed like we too might be extinct before we managed to transcend reality with the Engine.

This is where the fun really started. Having played Mass Effect 3 very recently, I knew I only had one option against this level of threat.

A brief imperative was reached by the A.I. consensus and sent out: "Drop all directives, amass to Station Alpha, protect the Crucible Aetherophasic Engine."

All of my worlds and stations were to be sacrificed to buy us precious time until we could bring the Engine online and win.

It really felt epic, all these ships and fleets stationed around the engine, almost filling out the star system, with every other resource being funnelled into my home system, sold and cashed in, to produce more fleet while my 2 Star Eaters were desperately dodging 200k fleets with Jump Engines, trying to build up my engine.

As I was trying to gather the necessary amount of Dark Energy, system after system, base after base fell to these xenos from some other dimension.

I imagined the crew and my admirals, all huddled around the Engine, were staring anxiously at their sensors, expecting the Xeno fleet to arrive in full force at any moment to wipe us all out.

They overwhelmed the galaxy and I really got that ME3 feeling of the end of times, all hands on deck with a singular purpose:

To buy our race more time until we deploy the ultimate weapon.

Ultimately I managed to deploy it and every star in the system detonated, taking out the entire galaxy because the entire race came together and sacrificed everything for a singular goal.

I LOVED my first game.


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