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The following is a transcript of a speech given by Oklactix Blrixtis, chairman of the Crimson Warrior Lodge.

My fellow Azaans. I come to you today, on the fourth anniversary of the death of Strategos Krexax, with a question for you. Would Krexax be proud of our Republic? In the 2240s Krexax led a valiant campaign against the Zenak Eradicator Matrix, the Second Containment War, in which he secured the majority of their holdings- including their homeworld- and ensured that these steel monsters would never again plague our people.

Now, I stand in the capital city of the world which bears his name, and I ask you. As these supposedly 'liberated' machines run rampant across our worlds, leading to widespread organized crime across the old Zenak worlds, I ask- would Krexax stand for this? Would the Strategos who forged the Kel-Azaan Republic into the mighty star nation it is, simply sit back while the enemies he fought continued to cause havoc across our worlds?

The ruling government- led by the Council for Alien Harmony- has refused to acknowledge the inconvenient truth- that the Zenak are designed for destruction, and whether connected to the primary Zenak Matrix or not, will continue to destroy everything around them. Once Strategos Krexax severed their connection to the Matrix, the newly 'independent' Zenak machines formed into criminal organizations and began engaging in smuggling, trafficking of Azaans into slavery, and countless other atrocities.

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This is why I am declaring my candidacy for Strategos- because I and the Lodge know how dangerous these Zenak can be. I fought on the ground at the Battle of Zenak-Pru, and saw firsthand the devastation that unchecked Zenak can wreak against organic life. I saw the remains of mighty cities, turned to ash by machinery that thinks it is alive, and I refuse to allow that to happen to our Republic.

In the end, the choice is yours, my friends. Will you give further mandate to the Council for Alien Harmony, and allow the Zenak scrapheaps destroy everything Strategos Krexax- and millions of others- fought for? Or will you vote for the Crimson Warrior Lodge, and usher in an era of strength, of unity, and bring an end to the Zenak Eradicator Matrix once and for all?

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