Let the end game begin

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The year is 2401, my people have shed their mortal coils and embraced immortality offered by cybernetic perfection. Other races flock to join us and embrace our way.

Our architectural knowledge allows us to build great worlds around stars. Our engineers can harvest the energy of a star and extract matter from black holes.

We have few allies but have expanded peacefully. Only those who have attacked us in unwarranted aggression have fallen to our mighty fleets.

We prepare for the coming of the terrors of the deep dark, the mystical and the corrupted processor.

My empire rivals the old ones. And yet I fear that it will not be war, unrest or economical collapse that will crush me.

Our greatest enemy is…. Administration. The populations of 42 planets, ring worlds and habitats demand more effort to manage than all that has happened in the past 200 years.

Neither the pacification of the great Khan or the subjugation had of the criminal corporation required as much effort as keeping my eternal subjects occupied.

We took to the great council, spent our influence proposed laws and twice when we were ready. When we had the support for the greater good of all. That pissant little shit of a 3rd rate theocracy VETO'd the resolution.

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Perhaps it is time. Perhaps it is time for me to stop the coordination of great passenger convoys transporting my people. Perhaps it is time to bring all under the rule of our great empire… For paper work is the true abomination of the End Game.

(so yeah I'm now spending more time resettling pops than anything else. Even waiting a year for it still takes up a good 10 minutes to sort out. I can't wait to see the new update where I'm not tied to the damn Council vote.

This was probably my best run too. Producing over 1k of each resource at one point. I am building 2 ringworlds now. Gawd help me when I start doing habitats again.

Oh no mods as I play iron-man only)

So guys what'd you thunk? Do I start converting the known galaxy, unusual for me as I don't tend to play warlike games, or do I keep trying to get the council to do my bidding. I mean how bad can overpopulation be right?


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