Let’s gather the still working exploits. Here are what i found.

  1. Jump drive trick. You know, that you can use the shift+command to give multiple commands in a row. Well jump drive has 3 exploit for that. First it ignores cooldown while the command given. You can spread your fleet, then command each ship to jump to an undefended system, take out the star base, then jump back to the meeting point to remerge.
  2. Another with the jump drive. If you give chain commands, then jump drive ignores distance. So you can send your fleet to do stuff anywhere, then jump back to anywhere around your starting location. The jump will be made no matter how far they got in the meantime. Assuming, that the commands are not interrupted of course.
  3. Last one with the jump drive. You can delay the jump, and give new orders without breaking the chain by using the command first key combo. shift+control gives you the ability to put commands to the first position of your command chain. Technically you can give commands to conquer the whole enemy, then jump back to your home base, and if something happens out of order, then you can just use this option. Or just give the jump command right away, and interrupt it with this method constantly.
  4. Missing in action exploits. First let's say how you create it manually. For any military fleet the missing in action state can be created by cutting them off from their home system. And the easiest way to do that is restricting system(s) that would allow to reach it. This way the ship can't find a path, and offer the missing in action option. Only catch is that you can't restrict systems, that you own, but you can always destroy your own starbases, and make the system unowned. Now first exploit is pretty simple. While ships are in that state you pay 0 upkeep for them.
  5. Second exploit for the missing in action is their speed. Without jumping around with jump drive it's much faster, than normal travel, but what if i tell you, that you can make it even faster?
  6. On the fleet manager tab you can alter home system for fleets while missing in action, and they gona reappear on time on the system, that is set when they reappear. So you can send them to your closest base, then alter the home base to the other side of the galaxy, and they gona be there. In the time of reaching the closest base.
  7. There is one more, that i let you figure out with the missing in action trick. Probably the hardest one to pull off, but it makes your ships invincible. Until you reload the game, or the enemy fleet dies.


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