“Lost Colony” origin: Any way for the player to customize the Advanced Empire that spawns?

Content of the article: "“Lost Colony” origin: Any way for the player to customize the Advanced Empire that spawns?"

The "Lost Colony" origin states: 'An Advanced Empire of this species is spawned somewhere in the galaxy'.

Is there any way for us Players to have more control over and predetermine what this Advanced Empire is, in ways other than just the species? I'd like to tweak ethics, civics and government type too.

Within Paradox' pre-made empires, it's the "Commonwealth of Man" (CoM) that already has this origin. Playing as the CoM ensures that it's always another pre-made Paradox civilization spawns in the form of the "United Nations of Earth" (UN).

It's neat that the CoM and UN are tied together like that, but I'd like to do something similar for myself.

I plan to make 3 different human civilizations:

  • One human progenitor faction that is imperial, with military civics and militarist-spiritual-authoritarian ethics.
  • One human "Lost Colony" of rebels that broke off from the above empire and wants to fight back.
  • Another human "Lost Colony" of scientists that broke off to do their own thing in seclusion.
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If I decide to play with my rebel or scientist "lost-colony" factions in that scenario, is there a way for me to earmark my own imperial human faction as always being the "Advanced Empire" that spawns as an AI opponent?

The game allows you to "Force Spawn" your own creations into the game, but I have no idea what will happen, if I play with my "Lost Colony" of human rebels, and then tell the game to force-spawn my human progenitor empire. I'm hoping the game is savvy enough to get it and make my self-made human imperial faction the Advanced Empire, but something tells me Stellaris will go "naw, screw that" and create its own random Advanced Human Empire by roll of the dice – which would suck.

The Wikia certainly seems to think it's random.

I'm relatively new to Stellaris and I'm not looking forward to spending two whole afternoons to find out. Anyone know more?

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