Mihl’s Defense

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Lt: Captain, the other major fleets have arrived. They are awaiting your orders!

Captain: Tell them to stand-by. Keep watching the wormhole for any signs of disruptions. Once the other fleets from the outer sectors have arrived, we will launch a full assault against these… Unbidden.

Lt: Copy Captain. Ensign! Tell the captains of The Prophet and The Vision to patrol the outer perimeter of the wormhole. The rest of the fleet will go to these coordinates.

As the Lieutenant shout out commands, the Captain ponders his inner thoughts, trying to see through the Shroud.

A few years ago, in the ending of the terrible War of Heaven, a massive rift appeared in the Grokkan System. Beings of immense energy suddenly started coming out of the rift and disintegrating all the stations and bases. Once the beings took the Stenlar system, communications were raised to attempt negotiations. "Feed… you… " they said. "We… are Unbidden.. We come from…. close… to the Shroud…" Then communications were closed. Reports of energy fluctuations arrived providing that the populated planets are being sucked out of energy. The whole galaxy just watched as they are still fighting the Awakened fools who made the entire galaxy their playground. But that was a few ago… although the Kallaxan Empire have miraculously gained their fleet, they are still far and between. The other empires are slow… overconfident… arrogant… just like those Awakened. We need to destroy this threat before it get stronger.

Lt: Captain! Energy signatures are emitting from the wormhole! Biolife readings in the Stenlar System are disappearing! Energy signatures in the wormhole coming toward this system!

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Captain: How big?

Lt: Massive. We cannot take them. We do not even know their ship's weaponry or design. What should we do?

Captain: By the Worm! It's their main invasion fleet! How long till the other fleets arrive?

Lt: The Prophet will take about five months, the Juggernaut seven, the rest of the fleet by three. By the time they are here, we will be disintegrated!

Communications Officer: Captain! The Gray has hailed us! He will join us in battle! Kraz Prime also reported that the Drakeling and Amoeba is heading toward us as well.

Captain: How about our allies?

Communications Officer: No word from them captain.

Suddenly the wormhole glowed. They are here.

Captain: RED ALERT! BATTLESTATIONS! TELL THE OTHER CAPTAINS TO GET IN FORMATION! We need to stall these energy freaks. If we let them leave this system, our empire is done for. We have to make a dent for the rest of the fleet to destroy them. We are in the endgame now.

A massive fleet of energy appeared out of the wormhole. The start of another galactic war.

Captain: What was, will be, what will be, was.


As the Curator logged out of the screen, the Head Progenitor addressed the rest of the assembly.

Head Progenitor: It seems that while the children are fighting the Unbidden, the Curators have noticed a large spike of energy across the galaxy. It is as we have feared, the Aberrant and the Vehement are coming. For the sake of the galaxy, for the sake of the survival of all races, I hereby approved of the Guardian of the Galaxy Initiative.

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Mihl's Defense: The start of the endgame crisis


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