Mod Diary: Forgotten Queens

The Mind Flayers

Hey everybody! Its glad to be back at one of these diaries. Its been a while since as some of you already know I had to take a second job so my hands are a bit full atm, yet there is always time to mod this awesome game!

Another reason ive been a bit quiet is the fact that i did a big update to Forgotten Queens!

This update includes a lot of stuff, from bugfixes to new ascenssion paths and reworked stuff. I will be using this diary to showcase some of those changes and additions.

Parasitic Embryos

Parasitic Embryos now has a new policy ment for those blood tributaries. The policy is called Population Harvesting and sets how many pops and in which way you will demand from your blood tributaries.

For those of you who might not know what this is, parasitic embryos get a unique cassus belli which allows them to subjugate other empires into blood tributaries. In the past, blood tributaries would provide with 1 pop per planet every year, which lead to the inevitable collapse of their civilization. With this new policy you can keep the previous method OR you can set it to recieve a new pop every time/ every other time a pop grows in the tributaries planets.

Life Masters (now Life Crafters)

The Life masters AP also got some love.

The idea remains the same, but now, as you accumulate different species (AKA biomass (?)) you get access to new unique traits

Trait example

There are 6 new traits. The basic genetic template is gained by simply having your main species, so thats a freebie. The other 5 are unlocked every 2 different species. So, for example, if your empire has 2 different species you will have 1 + 1 (2 total) traits unlocked, if you have 4 you will have 1 + 2 (3 total) traits unlocked and so on and so forth.

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The perk also got its name reworked, just because.

The psionic path

Speaking of Ascension perks, two new perks have been added! I know i did some psionic path in the past but i did not like how it turned out so i started again. This time im very content with the result.

The first perk of this path is called Mind Coalesence

With this new perk your species will get the latent psionic trait and you will get access to the psionic cluster building (among other accesses to techs and whatnot) and a sweet +100% Envoy Improve/Harm relationships.

The psionic cluster is a building where mind flayers will work, these buildings are similar to the psi corps we are used to, at first

As with all ascension paths, the true power is unlocked at the second stage. The second perk is called Omnipresence.

Ascending will replace the latent psionic trait with the psionic one just like vanilla and enhance mind flayers.

You will also get access to the bio trophy citizenship and access to a unique shroud

Bio trophies are pops that are being mind controlled by the collective

They cant work regular jobs, so they scavenge OR can work at the psionic cluster, where they help the mind flayers do their bidding. You get a synaptic contributor job every 10 pops you own in that planet.

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The Shroud

As previously mentioned, hives get access to a unique shroud, it is similar to vanilla with a few changes here and there, some things have been removed, others reworked while others added. You wont get the chosen one for example.

In the lobby you will get 4 options. The first one will grant you access to a submenu to fastrack the psionic techs (precognition interface, psionic shields and psi jump drives). This is to reduce the amount of RNG a bit.

The second option allows you to to focus your psionic energy into a rival

Focusing on a rival will create a shroud avatar in a random system of their empire!

The third option is similar to vanilla, but with less rng, you still need RNG to roll covenants or trying to steal fallen empire tech tho. The boons have also been somewhat reworked to prevent hives from getting happiness or ethic attracion boons.

Hollowed World

The hollowed world also got some extra love. Costs have been rebalanced and some new stuff got added.

Among the new stuff soldier dens now provide +50% army build speed, proliferation lairs get an extra spawning drone and housing districts got rebalanced maintnence drones to fit vanilla.

Prospecting the hollowed planet now can spawn rare resources deposits

The planet now also has a passive bonus which gives -100% orbital bombardment damage and +1 to exotic gases/rare crystals/volatile motes from their respective jobs, making the planet really strong at getting rare resources and holding chokepoints.

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There are other balances i did here and there and some art reworks as well. I hope you guys enjoy this new update!

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I want to thank all my patrons for their support, specially during this hard times.

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