My First Days of Stellaris…

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So I just picked up the game a few days ago. I have almost 0xp with these sorts of games aside from a breif stint of Console Planet Fall. I restarted maybe 15 times before I found a suitable custom faction/race build that worked for my natural play style. Normally I consider the first handful of runs to be a write off until I have a firm grasp of the game but I must tell you… Did Stellaris just come to life for me!

Just to situate you in my little moment of glory. I had found an empire (Naturally hostile) behind mine on the outer rim. For whatever reason I scouted out every hyperlane around them aside from the one hyperlane that connected them (through me) to the wider galaxy. I realized that war was going to be eventual and almost quit right then because I wasn't confident that I was able wage war with my limited understanding of the game. I persevered though! I built up a fleet of corvettes, and teched towards weapons and armor. All the while relations waneing as they sent insults etc. Eventually I was "ready" with my two fleets 20/20 with their respective admirals. I pulled up the war screen and had the assimilation(?) option available and boom. Borders opened. I went in through the singular hyper lane and took the station without issue. Realizing my foe would likely come in through one of the two connecting lanes, I positioned my fleets and waited. The briefing said we were equivalent strength with our military so I knew I was in for a proper dogfight. Not long did I have to wait before they bliped into the the system. A single fleet with 1k rating. Mine were 800 each. And WAS IT A FIGHT!! My boys pulled through. We took them and I spent my morning googling how to annihilate the entire species while jamming to some starwars battle music which soon turned into the imperial march theme as I landed my ground troops on their home world. Taking it and exterminating the filth that remained. After the war ended, the galaxy opened up and I could see all the other factions! It was very exciting as a new player.

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I wanted to share this becasue I realize now why you 4x players like these games! I didnt get it until now but good gollie does exterminating an entire race of aliens feeel good.

Now, I love to take over the rest of the galaxy and it seems I am in position to do so. If anyones got sage advice on how I can do this please let me know.


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