My proposal on how the slave market could be fixed

Content of the article: "My proposal on how the slave market could be fixed"

The basic idea is: make it work like the galactic community. There would be periods where slaves can only be put on sale and periods where slaves can be bought.

I reckon that'll increase the stability of the market and will decrease glitching. Plus the AI would not instant buy the slaves you would've bought. (Sometimes they are a bit too fast)

Furthermore the game could expand on that. During the periods where slaves can only be put on sale, it could be possible to propose a price for a specific amount of slaves. Basically an auction. That way it would be possible to buy x amount of slaves for a price of x energy credits and the country with the highest bid receives the slaves. Maybe it could work like the monthly trade which is available for resources. That would open up the possibility to set a x+1 price, so you would not need to always bid manually. If no other country bids higher than your max limit of energy credits per slave, you get them.

Having a kind of auction mechanic would also enable new other game mechanics. Maybe some weight modifier could be attached to a slave price. E.g. slave guild empires could have a reduced market fee on slaves, therefore they would be able to bid a higher price, but have a reduction in payment. Another mechanic could be a simple check box to always buy your own species from the market, which increases the weight by e.g. 1000 which lets your empire always get your own species for the smallest price.

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It would also open up new galactic laws that can be voted for in the galactic community. Possible would be e.g. increased or decreased market fee on empires that buy slaves. Fanatic egalitarian, fanatic pacifist or fanatic xenophiles could get a small modifier of e.g. happiness or stability of pop growth (by immigration or growth) if the either free slaves from the market or forbidding slave trade in the galactic community.

Since pops are always important there is a lot diplomatic potential. Just a few other ideas: – illegal pop trade directly between empires even if the slave market is closed – reworking some old civics that can expand on saving or trading pops – going to war against an empire because they sold your species on the slave market or to temporarily stop an empire from slave trading

I reckon you can get very creative on that.


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