Need help understanding habitats

This seems like a common topic, and I watched some Youtube videos and read some content before posting this.

I just got to the point for the first time where I can build habitats. They look great for my peaceful empire, so I know I want to build them. But I'd like to understand them better before I get started.

Question 1: Where do I build my first habitat?

Habitats eliminate any resource-gathering station around a planet, so it seems obvious to me that I should build my habitats either around planets which are NOT yielding resources or are yielding very little. The youtubers said that if I build my habitat around a planet with a special resource like exotic gas, I'll get to build a special research district in the habitat. But…why would I want that? Special resources are super-rare, research is really good, but I can get it plenty of ways without destroying access to a special resource.

So non-resource planets should be my location for habitats, right?

Question 2: What buildings to build in habitats?

Habitats have special districts and buildings. The districts provide the basic stuff though, housing, energy, and minerals, right? But the buildings…it seems like they provide these empire-wide buffs to trade, administration, or…something else, resource extraction I think? I mean, seriously? One building on a habitat makes all my bureaucrats across my empire more effective? Or boosts my trade across my entire empire? That sounds amazing if I'm understanding it correctly. Like 5 habitats and I've increased the output of like everything in my empire by 100%. Can anyone confirm or clarify that?

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