New Director (Player) in dire need of corporate advice. Playing Stellaris as a Megacorp

Content of the article: "New Director (Player) in dire need of corporate advice. Playing Stellaris as a Megacorp"

Hello all!

Just recently picked up this beauty of a game and after a couple terrible runs of trying empire and testings mechanics I'm currently on a good run as my favorite empire type so far : The RDA, a fanatic militaristic, egalitarian megacorp.

To resume my run so far : I've met my neighbor a few jump away right as the start. A egalitarian, fanatical spiritualist empire. So naturally I've tried to introduce them to our ways. After 6 month I've crushed their navy. Putting their military fleet down to pieces.

After some terrestrial invasion and a couple of orbital bombardments (10 years of this treatment no less) they finally bow to us and accept to become our subsidiary.

After that I've consolodified my own economy while improving relations with them. I've traded their comms for some alloys only to found out that we had another species of Xeno next door.

They're also fanatic spiritualist and egalitarian.

So far I've improved relationship with them and made a trade pact.

Here come my director worry..

Our customers have a Determined Extarminators Empire right at their borders.

We both have individually stronger fleet than them.

Here the catch they're literally years away from my empire. Can't build a station or claim territory next to them without a heavy invest in Influence.

How should I handle that ? Start a war anyway with my ally and my subsidiary with a fleet inside ally territory? Hoping to clear them out in a single campaign because with the distance my empire can't provide support or reinforcements after the tour started.

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Screenshot included for a quick preview of my economy, territory and Navy's situation.

(Out of context but is it better to make trade with materialists Empires more than spiritualist ones ? If so should I try to make my ally another subsidiary when the machine will be dealt with ?)

Long text, not sure about the grammars I'm not a native speakers so don't burn me too hard on that!

I'm having a bless with the possibility so far it's the first "strategy" & "micro-management" game that I actually find engaging and pleasant. Even if I have the ominous feeling that I have so much left to learn and discover before "winning" a game.

Anyway thanks for your time & input !

Gold – RDA / Purple – Subsidiary / Red – Ally / Blue – Determined Extaminators.


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