Question about my Robot Empire

So, I need a bit of advice. I’m relatively new to Stellaris so I’m not sure my way to go. I’m playing a Robot Empire and I like it. I’m doing fine. My empire doesn’t make Consumer Goods or Food, presumably because I don’t need them. Understood. But I’m at a bit of a roadblock.

I recently won a war where I took a planet. Now I have one with non robots and I’m stuck how to use them. It’s relatively early in the game and they’re kind of a burden. I think they’re being used as batteries. They produce an unimpressive amount of energy, but started costing me like 50 food per month. Of which I had zero and was making zero. I couldn’t even buy any. So now I have a planet of like 25-30 pops with negative jobs and super high crime and low stability. I can’t do anything with these guys. I’m just stuck sending a few pops over to work as police while they cost me money. I had to retro fit food on other planets just to make 50 a month and break even. Where do I go from here?

I probably set my empire up weirdly. I mean ideally I’d like to use these pops for mining and energy, but I can’t seem to do that. I know you could purge them but I’ve heard that makes everyone hate you (fair play). So what do I do?

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I thought I could maybe sell them, but the galactic market isn’t open yet. I wanted to maybe hand them back to the guys I took the planet from but that won’t work. They would take the system, but not the pops. And that planet is in the middle of the territory I seized. So that’s not an option. I could keep them, but dang is the food hard to pay for. I can’t even have them make their own food. I was even brainstorming to move them equally across my worlds to equally house them but that’s a lot to move. Expensive. Also I don’t even know if it would be better.

Should I just hold out to sell them, paying through the nose for food, or should I just purge them? Should I abandon the planet with robots and let them starve to death? Can I do anything else?

Thanks in advance


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