Reasons for being: Trait and Civic: RP Advice

In Stellaris, different governments and races can have the same civics and traits. However, that doesn’t mean that the source of that power has to be the exact same. Just because two races are “strong” doesn’t mean both are muscle bound barbarians. One could have an overpowered exoskeleton, while the other could fabricate additional tentacles to get the same result.

Below are some examples of sample traits which can have different reasons for being. You can comment down how your races traits and civics come into being.


  • -This race has an oversized ego. They could easily do the work given to them, but why would they demean themselves with such useless work?
  • -This race isn’t physically fit for hardcore labor. A large, slug-like body makes it difficult for them to do unspecialized work.
  • -This race is childish. Their attention spans drift when forced to do work they don’t want to do. But when they find things they like, they have the tendency to hype fixate.


  • This race is teeming with muscle. Even the weakest of their race have herculean physique.
  • This race has a dense, specialized muscle, so even though they have normal looking bodies, the muscle is able to extrude more pressure and take more pressure.
  • This race is able to form a large number of tentacles, which they can use to move large objects.
  • This race’s body is reinforced with an exoskeleton.
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  • -This race is a large, fat creature which can take a large number of hits before going down.
  • -This race has several, redundant organs which allow them to survive otherwise fatal blows.
  • -This race has an oversized mother’s instinct and go feral when their loved ones are threatened.
  • -This race has a specialized adrenal gland, which allows them to go into overtime if needed.


  • -This race likes shiny things.
  • -This race can easily gauge the risk-factor of any given situation.
  • -This race has the tendency to hoard when threatened.
  • -This race has highly sensitive eyes, which allow them to note fine details in merchandise.


  • -This creature is physically appealing to most, with fine symistry and exquisite details.
  • -This race is highly sensitive to social cues, allowing them to respond quickly to fopahs.
  • -This creature is highly intelligent, and uses their mental sharpness to gauge their peer’s actions.
  • -This race is childish and friendly. They rarely feel like a threat.
  • -This race is hearty and intimidating. Yet, something mysterious draws you to them.
  • -This race has a light, psionic field which helps the creature react to social situations.

Natural Sociologists

  • -This creature is socially observant, and notices changes with a somewhat mechanical view.
  • -This race initially formed in a hive, allowing them to always observe and understand social interactions.
  • -This race has a latent psychic connection, which allows for easier understanding of social situations.
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