RETRIEVING LOGS… (Segment 3: Close Call)

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LOG 2462.03.04.3F.BB04.SR

<13h 55m 32.38565s, −47° 17′ 18.1482″>




01.26 (2.49 SRT)

FADM FALATIRA: Curses! All ships, finish these off! We’ve got incoming!

NAVAL UNIT 19E-4R: The Gataja's reactor has been damaged. We will not be able to maintain fire without diverting power from other sys-

FADM PLUMAGE OF GOLD: My fleet has taken heavy losses. We will not be able to hold the line. Joining with your battle group.

FADM FALATIRA: Alright. 3rd Fleet, move to-

NAVAL UNIT 9C-251: Hull breach reported on Deck 3. Deploying damage control teams.

FADM FALATIRA: Agh. 3rd Fleet, move to the Pilgrims.

DR VIXATI: Ma'am, Drake is receiving lots of hits and his outer carapace has been penetrated. If we want him to live, he has to pull out.

FADM FALATIRA: Pull him out. What about Bubbles?

DR VIXATI: She's holding for now.


NAVAL UNIT 47-3D56: A Euthanizer has been neutralized.

ADM RAGGARTH THE HUNTER: Our fighters are taking heavy losses. Escorts, cover them.

RADM HENDRICKS: Uhh, ma'am? The enemy seems to be directing weapons at the rear group.

FADM FALATIRA: They're trying to break through our lines and meet up with the other fleet. Do not let them.

RADM HENDRICKS: Understood. Focus fire on those Euthanizers, boys!

RADM HENDRICKS: It's the other fleet! We're within range!

FADM FALATIRA: Curses! All ships, group up!

NAVAL UNIT 42D-31: Complyi-

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LCDR SREYI: Yes, ma'a-


ADM B'KREN'ZA: Merging wi-


FADM FALATIRA: Casualty report!

CW4 GARATH: A fifth of all our ships have used their emergency FTL drives, our fleet's lost a sixth of our ships, Battle Group 3's command vessel is now a derelict, the 5th is taking heavy fire, and only a fraction of all our ships remain intact.

FADM FALATIRA: Curses! If this persists we may have to fall back. Get our weapons to cover the more damaged ships so they can last longer and maybe disengage.

CW4 GARATH: Yes, ma'am.

FADM CHAMBERS: Falatira, the Salvaged and the 1st have rendezvoused with the Tronzaru vessels. They are en route to Hub 1. How are things on your end?

FADM FALATIRA: Not good, sir. Lots of ships are down and even more have disengaged. We've also moved to within range of the AI Core's guns, so we're taking more hits as we speak.

FADM CHAMBERS: I see. Remember that UNE fleet?


FADM CHAMBERS: It should be arriving right about… now.

ADM ICHIDA: This is the titan Hope Shines Eternal of the United Nations' First Fleet. Looks like you guys need some help over there.

FADM FALATIRA: Thank the gods. My fleets are fighting an uphill battle. We would very much appreciate the help.

ADM ICHIDA: Got it, Admiral. Prepping weapons.

ADM RAGGARTH THE HUNTER: Their lines are breaking! Keep firing!

FADM FALATIRA: Hendricks, break off and go for the Core. We can handle the fleet.

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RADM HENDRICKS: Yes, ma'am. Diverting ships.

LT GYROS: We've taken too much damage! Engaging emergency FTL!

LT THRAVIAN: Suppressing fire!

PO3 HYTHARA: This is the Volga! Our reactor's been hi-

NAVAL UNIT 63-19: Fleet Admiral, we have had another major hull breach. Location: Deck 6.

FADM FALATIRA: Get the repair teams down there.

NAVAL UNIT 63-19: Acknowledged.

SN TAYLOR: We're taking heavy fire! The Manchester won't last much longer if this keeps up!

ADM ICHIDA: Admiral, unless you plan to bombard this world into oblivion, do what you're supposed to do before reinforcements arrive.

ENS JOHNSON: They're concentrating on the Unity Between Worlds!

FADM FALATIRA: Hendricks, sitrep!

CW1 THIRIMORA: Gamma lasers, relative bearing 45 degrees East!

CMDR XIANG: The Shanghai’s getting swarmed!

RADM HENDRICKS: We've lost several ships, but we've managed to punch through its shields.

FADM FALATIRA: Okay. Raggarth, go help him.


MILITARY UNIT N-42-13: Breach reported in the armory of the Lucerne.

SR JAMESON: Our hull’s been breached! We need assistance!

PO1 CASTRO: Sterilizer! Straight ahead!

ADM ICHIDA: Fire the lance.

FADM FALATIRA: Get our more damaged ships in the rear. We can't lose mo-

ADM ICHIDA: Admiral, their last ship is down. All that’s left are some fighters.

FADM FALATIRA: Oh. Okay. Good. Officer Gray, call in the Colossus. We're done here.

CW4 GRAY: Aye aye.


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