Small things that I’ve learned in Stellaris that aren’t very obvious (PC version)

This is just my list, if you found more, please share!

  1. Those Square notifications at the top can be permanently disabled by ctrl+right clicking them

  2. You can rearrange the ui on the right, by clicking that gear icon above it which also allows you to see which of those square notifications you've disabled and re-enable them if you want. You can also rearrange the order of that menu on the right so you can keep all the army at the top / military etc, or anyway you'd like.

  3. (this one probably everyone knows) You can queue up orders by holding shift, helpful for science ships at the start.

  4. (this one not so much) if you do Ctrl+Shift while queing orders, you can place a new order at the top of the stack, so say you found an anomaly and investigate it, and you want that science ship to research that system's projects right away before continuing their orders.

  5. You can save time by using the "Survey" button on the science ship and then click on the systems you want to survey versus right clicking multiple times and ask to survey system.

  6. (Every RTS fan should know this one) You can assign shortcuts to anything in the game, a ship, a planet, a starbase by pressing "Ctrl+(1-0)" then pressing 1-0 to reselect that fleet, for example if you choose 2 of your fleets then press Ctrl+1, anytime you press 1, it will reselect those fleets.

  7. When doing trade with ai, when you're setting quantity you can press Ctrl before clicking the + or – and it will increase by 10, furthermore, holding shift will increase by 100 at a time, and of course Ctrl+Shift will do in increments of 1000. Happy trading 😀

  8. If you play a huge xenophile empire but hate having to look for your own species in that gigantic list of species while colonizing planets (usually around endgame where habitability doesn't matter) you can go to the species tab and the top right, set default colonization as forbidden so only your species show up when you colonize new planets/ringworlds.

  9. When playing single player you will notice after a few thousand hours that the AI loves special resources (Crystal/exotic gas/motes/etc) so if you build up a decent production of it, by mid to endgame you'll notice the ai values them quite high, so if you need say 45k alloys desperate, you give an ai 1500-2000 special resources in exchange, and the ai will happily oblige. 😀

  10. If you can, don't invade every primitive planet you find, they're a much more valuable resource as protectorates, if you enlighten primitives, they will grant you a monthly 0.25 influence that is a lot more useful versus just another planet.

  11. You can turn on Cinematic mode by pressing Ctrl+F9

  12. Setting your military ships to patrol systems with piracy will give them bonus experience, which not only helps combat piracy so they don't spawn but it will also give your admirals free xp in times of peace. ( Someone said it doesn't even have to be a pirated system, but I think systems with active piracy give more, I'm not positive on this one )

  13. Strongholds not only improve a planet's defenses but will also increase your overall naval capacity.

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Think that's just some of them, feel free to add more.


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