Some ideas for empires based on RPG fantasy races (from the portraits, you know)

Content of the article: "Some ideas for empires based on RPG fantasy races (from the portraits, you know)"

I've not played the game for a while, and I'm waiting for Necroids to release so I can get back to playing it definitively. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about some ideas for the AI empires in my campaigns, more specifically empires whose species resemble fantasy/RPG races. Here they are:

Elven Serene Mandate

  • Traits (Elves): Natural Sociologists/Talented/Conservationist/Slow Learners

    • Government: Irenic Bureaucracy (Oligarchic)
    • Ethics: Xenophile/Pacifist/Spiritualist
    • Civics: Agrarian Idyl/Environmentalist

Independent Orc Tribes

  • Traits (Orcs): Agrarian/Strong/Quarrelsome

  • Government: Assembly of Clans (Democratic)

  • Ethics: Egalitarian/Fanatic Militarist

  • Civics: Warrior Culture/Parliamentary System

Dwarven Confederacy

  • Traits (Dwarves): Industrious/Natural Engineers/Sedentary

  • Government: Elective Monarchy (Dictatorial)

  • Ethics: Xenophobe/Militarist/Spiritualist

  • Civics: Mining Guilds/Philosopher King

Aarakocran Nation

  • Traits (Aarakocras): Ingenious/Nomadic/Solitary

  • Government: Theocratic Republic (Democratic)

  • Ethics: Fanatic Egalitarian/Spiritualist

  • Civics: Merchant Guilds/Parliamentary System

Flumph Commune

  • Traits (Flumphs): Intelligent/Communal/Weak

  • Government: Communal Parity (Democratic)

  • Ethics: Fanatic Egalitarian/Pacifist

  • Civics: Shared Burdens/Efficient Bureaucracy

Tiefling Empire

  • Traits (Tieflings): Intelligent/Strong/Deviants

  • Government: Star Empire (Imperial)

  • Ethics: Xenophobe/Authoritarian/Militarist

  • Civics: Merchant Guilds/Nationalistic Zeal

Illithid Covenant

  • Traits (Illithids): Intelligent/Natural Sociologists/Talented/Repugnant

  • Government: Purity Order (Dictatorial)

  • Ethics: Fanatic Xenophobe/Spiritualist

  • Civics: Fanatic Purifiers/Cutthroat Politics

Khajit Merchant Union

  • Traits (Khajits): Charismatic/Thrifty/Unruly

  • Government: Trade League (Corporate)

  • Ethics: Fanatic Xenophile/Materialist

  • Civics: Free Traders/Public Relations Specialists

I hope you like the ideas, and please don't crucify me for not being super accurate to what would make the most sense for each race in terms of their respective lores. Oh, and they all go with Prosperous Unification. And I know some of them should get enduring/venerable, I just decided to ignore the difference in their lifespans.


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