Started new game as Rogue Servitors and this feels like the luckiest start ever.

Started a new game as a machine empire to try and see how they play in the new update. Decided to start with the ringworld origin and Rogue Servitor (galactic pokemon!) and roleplay a bit as an early enigmatic caretaker (basically as an A.I. fallen empire in its earlly stage). Began playing and boy did I get lucky, so much so that I felt like sharing!

Early on is pretty standard; expand to some systems, lock down some nice chokepoints, colinize an alpine world as an organic breeding ground, etc.

Get my precursor to be First League, so I figure I can use the relic world as a nice research planet to snowball. Explore one system further and boom: relic world with the planetary machinery archeological site. Make friends with the C.A.R.E. A.I. and help a brother out by getting rid of that nasty iron-eating virus for it. Reward: Defragmentor, immediately giving -10% upkeep cost for my 60+ robots and potential for 20% extra EC's and engineering research. Thanks to reduced upkeep my energy income is suddenly positive despite the twenty or so research jobs I'm running.

While that was happening, expanded to the last system in an isolated arm at the rim of the galaxy to find another bloody relic world, this time with the ruined city archaeology site. Reward: the Omnicodex, letting me revive 3 random organic pops every 10 years and another potential research world. Use that sucker immediately and again after ten years, so my Bio-Trophy count increases pretty well.

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So now the game's progressed only about 60 years and I'm sitting on a strong economy with close to 1K research, two relic worlds which I'm using for research and strategic resources and a third one coming in once I locate the First League's home system. Plus I can reliably get more Bio-trophies despite their growth being really slow due to machine empire's negative modifier and limited capacity on the Ring. I genuinely feel like this is one of the best starts I have ever gotten, and meeting the C.A.R.E. A.I. and the Machine Empire behind the Omnicodex also has great roleplay value. I see my caretaker program as retroactively learning about the missteps of these A.I., whose systems now lie in ruin.


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