Stellaris empires with real world equivalents.

Since Paradox likes shoutouts to real world events, I was wondering which real (present or past) states might resemble empires in Stellaris (both default and generic types). Here's my take:

  • The Commonwealth of Man – Israel, despite the Nazi aesthetics, with a dash of Ba'athist Iraq

This'll be the longest writeup because I find them the most interesting. Lorewise, the Commonweath's citizens are a diaspora people, descended from settlers (though Earth is of course in better shape than Europe's Jewish community). The Commonwealth's society is ultra-militarized thanks to its difficult founding years; Israel has mandatory military service. They canonically started out with a tiny population. They're pragmatic xenophobes who can see diplomacy's value (Israel conducts diplomacy with Egypt and Jordan). The Civil Administration in the West Bank is like the Commonwealth's citizenship policies: non-humans/non-Israelis may live in the state's territory, but have no chance of becoming citizens (NB: I know that there are millions of non-Jews with Israeli citizenship; this comparison isn't perfect). Distinguished Admiralty? The IDF. Nationalistic Zeal? Duh. Likely to have bad relations with the neighbors? Yup. The only big difference is government type. The Commonwealth is a military dictatorship while Israel is a liberal democracy (at least within the Armistice Borders).

That's why I'd add Ba'athist Iraq. Expansionistic, militaristic, xenophobic (just ask the Kurds), and with Saddam Hussein/Grand Marshall Sidney Beauclair wielding absolute power for life.

TLDR: the Commonwealth played well is Space Israel. Played poorly, it's Space Iraq.

  • The Democratic Crusaders personality – These are Space Neoconservatives, so it's obvious: the USA. It especially fits the Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. administrations. The only inconsistency is that these Space Americans will probably have terrible relations with Israel the Commonwealth, and might even try to "liberate" it.

  • Orbis Customer Synergies – Singapore: space neoliberals. The combination of "Authoritarian" and "Xenophile" ethics is what really does it: Singapore's political system is designed to maintain harmony between the Chinese, Tamils, and Malays, and it does this via authoritarian techniques (4eg, it tries to prevent ethnic neighborhoods from forming by allocating public housing based on racial quotas; it's reverse redlining).

  • Fanatic Purifiers – Thank God, we've seen few if any of these. Even the Nazis were selective about whom they exterminated. If I had to choose, I'd say the Islamic State. North Korea LARPs as this to scare the West, but they've been vassalized by China.

  • Fallen Empires – The Russian Federation. A shadow of its former self, but still with enough nukes that it's unwise to fuck with them.

  • The United Nations of Earth – This is what you'd get if Scandinavia federated and began throwing diplomatic weight around. Fanatic Egalitarian matches the welfare states, and Xenophile matches the immigration policies (Scandinavia's anti-immigration parties keep losing elections). Also, they're Federation Builders, and Sweden has a history of renowned diplomats like Folke Bernadotte and Dag Hammarskjöld.

Also, Paradox are Swedish and in historical games they give Scandinavian societies disproportionate gameplay depth. It'd make sense that they'd choose their own country as the model of what Earth should ideally become.

  • Tzynn Empire – Vaguely Aztec, with a dash of the Congo Free State. Slaving Despots? Check. Fanatic Militarists? That's very Aztec. For bonus Aztec points, play the Tzynn as xenophages; capturing slaves specifically to kill them while being careful to not actually exterminate the pop is exactly how the Aztecs dealt with their neighbors. It's also pretty close to how Leopold II treated his African subjects. The only thing missing for Aztec points is "Fanatic Spiritualist."

  • Chinorr Combine – The People's Republic of China. A militaristic, fanatical materialist (China is officially an atheist state) megacorp. But honestly, any megacorp would fit China pretty well. To any tankies from the Communism subreddit who're tempted to tell me that China is playing 4D chess and will be socialist by 2050: if you're addicted to copium, please seek help.

  • Earth, if found as a Tomb World – The ending of "Dr. Strangelove."


  • Spaceborn Trader Enclaves – Liechtenstein.


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