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OK we need to pick and support what kind of nation we need

templin institute to talk about in season 2 of stellaris

Here's my nation:

1) Merryweather Republic:

a nation extending influence in another dimension (stellaris). Cut off from its prime dimension, the offshoot branch of the merryweather expeditionary fleet Cadia lands on a planet and bide its time as it establishes proper foothold with its prime dimension. with an interesting mix of High militarism and xenophilla rooted in its unique corporate foundation, this primarily human nation will expand to secure its future assets in the harsh chaos that is space with the help of various means necessary.

2) Ottawan empire:

a lost colony of the Global Defense Initiative, the pioneers who were to evacuate earth on September 13, 2052 was established as a last ditch effort to keep humanity alive admist the ongoing devastation of the earth by the Tiberium ores. the colonists picked out from all over the world from the fringes of Papua to the entirety of the Americas controlled by the GDI assembled in the City of Ottawa , the former capital of Canada to be launched to deep space, never seeing their world again. the ship seemingly dissappeared around pluto where a wormhole suddenly appeared and hurled the colony ship Phoneix, to a habitable planet. with the wormhole closing and no way to go back the colonists quickly in a span of a century established a planetwide nation calling themselves The Ottawan Empire.

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a pacifist nation with a affinity to materialism, It has begun constructing ships to survey their surrounding systems and find out what happened to their former Earth as time goes on.

now we need other ideas to go through so type up!


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