The 1st Invasion of Tenrathon, an update on a previous post about the Ancient Caretakers telling me to colonize a planet in a literal death-trap.

Introduction: So, it was a pretty minor post, and this was mostly created because a couple people were interested and wanted to know what happens later. I was going to give a summary, but ended up getting way into the roleplay, found it was way too long for a comment, and so decided to just make a post and link to it, offering to give an actual summary if they want.

No real reason to read this unless you were one of the people wanting an update or find it interesting, I guess I will add a link to the first post in a comment and offer a summary of what is going on here in case anyone is interested, but I am not an author, am a pretty inexperienced Stellaris player, and this was mostly me thinking about my people's motivations and thoughts during this chain of events and going deeper into the roleplay, so don't expect much. This summary is pretty much just what happened before, not a summary of the current post.

Summary is pretty much that I found a system completely isolated from the galaxy except for a single wormhole, claimed it and did an excavation only to find out it is a literal trap meant to lure a species in to colonize it, disable the wormhole leading to it once it is developed enough, then raid it and kill or enslave everyone there before preparing it for the next guys. I was thinking about colonizing it anyways since it has a pretty good relic world, but then the Ancient Caretakers told me to colonize it to improve my species odds of survival somehow, and I just had to decide to turn it into a stronghold and core of my empire partly out of spite and partially to make their claim into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Later learned that this is added by the More Events Mod, and is probably a Mass Effect reference.

I have been trying to roleplay my species somewhat, and so I had in-character reasons and motivations as well, some of which are touched upon here and some which aren't. It is a heavily modded game, and includes a mod disabling the limit of one crisis per game, with me being pretty inexperienced and not having really fought crises due to how much it slows down in the late game causing me to mostly play early game. In other words, I am probably going to have a very bad time and the galaxy is probably going to burn. No telling what mid-game stuff I will have to deal with either, I already know I have the More Events surveyor probe and the L-Gate Gray Tempest.

This is a 1000 planet, 15 civilization, 5 fallen empire galaxy.

  • End of Introduction

Finally have an update for the attack part at least, still another century at least to go in-game before the Crises start. The parts relating to the actual attack start after the lines, so feel free to skip.

After discovering the Tenrathon system and it's dark past, we knew it was a trap but the value was far too great to ignore. From the time we achieved sapience, for the second time as we would one day learn, we knew that our civilization was built on the ashes of those past from the strange ruins and preserved documents left behind.

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Once we have reached space, we only continued to learn just how true that was. Our species was sapient in the past, with great guardians helping it flourish, and what little we learned from what was left on-planet was made clearer by what we found above it. A species long past perished with their last efforts being to save ours, and while the records we found suggest their destroyers have changed their ways, whose to say another won't follow in their footsteps?

As we fervently explored the galaxy searching for any remnants of our guardians or destroyers, that belief was only grew greater among our people from what we found instead. Everywhere we went there were signs and ruins of past civilizations, including many planets highly valued by the modern races for the ruins and technology left behind. We claimed some of those ourselves, once more building upon the ashes of the past and the shoulders of giants, hoping to one day become the protectors of others as civilizations past have done for us… And to ensure that when death comes to the galaxy once more, parts of it will still survive.

We saw Tenrathon as an opportunity to ensure exactly that, to create a stronghold for ourselves and the other races of the galaxy that will stand where the strongholds of the past had fallen. We took what was left of the Volnar's civilization, and once more built upon it to make sure the same wouldn't happen when those that destroyed them return once more. The advice of those strange machines only encouraged our development, with their claim that our species would likely perish and that it could somewhat increase our chances.

By the time they came, a mere 60 years later in the year 2304, the Kisak Aerie had flourished, nearly reaching the same status as Vellonia. We had found a new guardian in the form of the Worm, who had returned some of the greater intelligence of our past, reshaped the system, and blessed some of our kind with the ability to inhabit those changed worlds, leaving the rest of our kind untouched. Other than the new capital, we had developed four more planets within the system and were in the process of colonizing four more.

If this system was to be the future stronghold and refuge for the galaxy, then we had to use every drop of value it may provide, to the extent that plans were already in progress for colonizing the three large asteroids in the system and our scientists believed we may eventually be able to even create cities above the two had giants of the system.

In preparation for the return of those responsible for this trap, we had developed by far the greatest fleet in the galaxy with the exception of those incredibly advanced empires that seem to have survived the scourges of the past. Multiple incredibly powerful creatures had already fallen to it as well, and in Tenrathon we had constructed a grand Citadel equipped with some of the most advanced shields and weaponry known to the galaxy, more than twice as powerful as our entire fleet. Fortifying our stronghold was a never-ending process, but still we were confident that our new home was one of the most fortified places in the galaxy, and that the invaders would find their fleets shattered upon our defenses, if they even dared to still attack at all.

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We were wrong… they seemed unprepared, their plans moved far ahead of schedule by our development and the process of isolating us from the galaxy unfinished. Yet we had underestimated them. Based on the galactic standard of measurements, their fleet was more than twice as powerful as our own, which had at that point dwarfed that of the rest of the new civilizations, their technology was nearly as advanced as our own, to which only the ancient empires can compare, in some cases even more so, and even more shockingly their fleet was well-suited to countering our own.

They came suddenly, creating a new wormhole near the center of the system, something we had yet to encounter, though considering the nature of their trap it should have been obvious that their mastery over wormholes would far excel our own. And after they came, we quickly learned just how much we had underestimated them. We were taking great losses, the crews of our ships dying in the thousands, the platforms around our citadel turned to rubble, and the citadel itself taking significant damage, despite the fact that our fleet and citadel combined should have been able to slaughter them.

We did have a slight advantage however, if things had continued as they did, the admiral in charge of the fleet believes that our armada would have been completely demolished, the citadel on the brink of destruction, but just barely enough to finish off what remained of their own fleet. If not, then our stronghold would have fallen and our people added to their so-called harvests.

Instead, after their greatest ship happened to be destroyed in the battle, the rest went through offline, it apparently serving as a control hub for the rest of the fleet. At that point the citadel was damaged, but still intact, and a mere third of our once great fleet remained.

If things had gone somewhat differently, or if they had the time to fully prepare before the battle, our capital would have fallen, countless civilians killed or taken away to flourish and be harvested again and again. We promised protection to those concerned about the return of those invaders, and only barely managed to keep that promise.

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And yet, it is abundantly clear that those invaders were only a minor threat within the galaxy as a whole, and that future invaders may not be so kind as to stop at a single system. We must ensure that we never come this close to defeat again, neither us Dirans nor the galaxy as a whole.

The potential threats are countless. We all know about those strange "L-Gates" across the galaxy, which had the connection seemingly blocked off and isolated for an unknown reason, and which we have kept shut despite having the capabilities to open them, until such time as we are prepared to discover why they were deactivated in the first place and deal with whatever threat may be on the other side.

Then there is that probe that recently appeared in Diran space, claiming to originate from the so-called "Alkree Imperium" outside this galaxy, here simply to search the galaxy keeping an eye out for supposed "threats to their security," or so it claims. We have to wonder how they are seemingly the only power in their galaxy, when our own has dozens of civilizations, great and small, and what constitutes a "threat to their security."

Those ancient empires that we dismissively refer to as "Fallen" may not stay fallen forever, and who is to say what actions they may take against the rest of us if that is the case. Especially those "Custodian" robots in the north-west sector. Their task seems to be to preserve and protect life in our galaxy, an admirable goal, but we have all seen the glitches and bugs that seem to occur in them, and it is doubtful that they would be willing to allow any of us to patch them, if we even have the capability.

The prophecies of complete destruction we have received from entities in the Shroud only further these concerns, and that is why we, the Diran Blessed Commonality, must propose this resolution to the Galactic Community.

-Laniu Modyadi, Chairman of the Diran Blessed Commonality, acting president of the Galactic Alliance, and leading member of the Galactic Council during the unexpected proposal of the Military Readiness Act on 2304.12.02, 8 months after the 1st Invasion of Tenrathon, before flipping the D.B.C.'s support on multiple proposals they previously opposed.


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