The Federation’s Sacrifice (Based on a true playthrough)

It was the year 2656, The United Citizens Federation has been stuck in 30 year war against a coalition of 3 rival empires. Neither side is strong enough to destroy the other and conflict rages only at the border, neither side able to penetrate through the other's defenses. Despite prolonged warfare, The Federation's unemployed masses continue to grow due to vast overpopulation. For The Federation, constant energy shortages and dwindling consumer goods are the norm and as a result, will slowly bring The Federation to its downfall.

Humanity's hope lays in its greatest innovation, The Ringworld. Although the main structure is complete, its first habitable section is still under construction. Federation officials believe The Ringworld will be the key to solving the overpopulation crisis as it would provide numerous housing and farming opportunities for the people. However, behind the optimism lays a great doubt that the first section would be complete before the overpopulation/unemployment crisis turns critical. With the war raging, the section under construction, and overpopulation, resources will be stretched beyond The Federation's capabilities to maintain its vast empire.

At the heart of The Federation's political sphere, Colonial Administration desperately tries its best to ensure that citizens are able to prosper, as per the prime directive of The Administration. Despite their best efforts, the situation still worsens every year. All habitable planets have been colonized and nearing their limit while orbital stations are economically unfeasible for constructing. The War can't be stopped because neither side has met their goal and to sue-for-peace would only mark them as weak. In off-chance that a breakthrough has been made and a planet has been conquered, The Federation quickly engulfs the planet's resources for its own preservation.

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On November 27th, 2656, Sky-Marshall Grant Bradley would initiate a meeting among The Federation's top Colonial Administrators and devise a plan, a very grave plan. Unable to end the war and needing to continue the RingWorld habitat, the only solution is to abandon the unemployed. Many officials were shocked by the idea as it went against the foundation that of which The Federation was built upon; however, prominent and influential Governor, Omar Sintari, would agree that this was necessary in order to save the masses. In a way, sacrificing millions to ensure a future for others and one day end overpopulation in its entirety. Under a unanimous vote by uncertain officials, a plan would be enacted upon. The planet that would be used to house the masses would be a backwater world called End Station, seized from the Terran Dominion in a pointless campaign. To prevent useful, unemployed individuals from being lost during the End Station Program, The Federation would switch them with those that were designated as: Malignant, Criminal, Extortionist, Wasteful, and Anarchistic. Only the Elderly, Youth, and those that had semi-functioning families(economic-wise) were completely spared from the program.

On January 1st, 2657, the End Station Program had gone into full-effect with millions being removed from their colonies under the pretense of being sent to a new world. News about this event was kept completely quiet with vidocs and news reports of "Elysium", the now-named Habitat nearing construction while other reports delved into the war status. Most individuals removed from their worlds would not be missed, never noticed in the first place. By January 7th, the last of the transport ships would release their remaining passengers to the pleading masses, begging to be taken back into the arms of The Federation. They were met with cold glares and silence before the transport ships left the atmosphere for the final time.

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6 Years had passed after the End Station Program and The Federation is once again a true economic and militaristic superpower. Elysium would still be under construction, but the first patches of habitable land can be seen by all that pass by. The War rages on, but The Federation has begun to finally break through enemy lines with significant results, the stalemate is sure to end soon.

As for End Station, a medium-sized orbital station continues to watch over the planet. To prevent communication to the outside, the station constantly jams or disrupts any forms of communication from leaving while a security fleet prevents any unauthorized vessel from either leaving the planet or enter the system. Drones and Satellite imagery show the planet as an inhospitable world plagued by warfare and mostly cannibalism. An odd note among personnel was the lack of any 'Human' Citizens as only races from other planets were present. Every once in a while, a satellite photo may capture an individual staring back into space, still waiting for a ship to breach atmosphere for them.

TLDR: Running low on resources for my empire so I took all my non-human citizens and dumped them onto a random planet, switched unemployed humans with aliens as well and dumped them. Turned the planet into a vassal to prevent anyone from owning it and to save myself from dealing with resource penalties. The RingWorld is actually complete and overpopulation isn't an issue now that I can move people to Elysium. So yeah, I may be a scumbag for what I did, but it was for the greater good of The Federation.

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