The greatest start I’ve ever had turned into the worst defeat I could’ve imagined

Content of the article: "The greatest start I’ve ever had turned into the worst defeat I could’ve imagined"

Forgot to take screenshots because I was too stunned at how quickly things came unraveled, so bear with me here.

British Empire RP, 6 other civilizations in the game, 1 FE, 1 Marauder empire. Right off the bat, I spam science ships to explore (usually about 7 or 8) and expand quickly. What precursor do I get? The First League. Outstanding. Met my first empire just to the left of me, he managed to get the broken Science Nexus before I got to it, but I made him join a hegemony with me so w/e (favors can be a bit OP).

Start exploring through his territory, and remember that marauder empire? Yeah, right at the edge of his space. Usually NBD, but he happened to have only one way out to the rest of the galaxy, and that was through my hegemony member. Well…shit…

Meanwhile, near the galactic center, I met the FE. Ok, fanatic spiritualist. I mean, not the WORST, but not exactly great. Deal with him later.

At the far western edge, I see exactly 1 choke point. ONE. One way in and out of my empire, not counting wormholes or gateways. I'm beside myself with joy. Closed borders with everyone, and raced my happy little construction ships over there to claim and expand inward. Everything is going well, have a few decent sized fleets. The empire I stole the choke point from eventually joined my hegemony as well, so now I've basically got control of literally half the galaxy. A third of the rest of the galaxy is in another federation, and I'm working on bringing in a really stubborn empire into mine. Tons of colonized planets, good sized fleets/armies, just getting my resource production back up to normal after expanding a tad too quickly (I got excited, sue me).

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And here's where everything starts to became undone. That marauder empire? Yup, Great Khan time. I move a good portion of my fleets over to him to deal with him, no biggie. That other federation, once my fleets are in combat, decides to declare war on my western ally, dragging my federation into another war. Shit, ok. Move almost my last fleets over to hold the line until I'm done with the Khan. Starting to get nervous here, but it's still manageable.

Then all hell breaks loose. Two things happen very quickly in quick succession: DE robot uprising in one of my hegemony members, and someone decides to open the L Gates. Fortune did not smile on me that day, ladies and gents, for while I was hoping for Gray, I was only half right. Yup. Now I'm dealing with a Great Khan, a federation war, DEs who are rampaging through my hegemony, and the Tempest. With my economy tanked, I could do nothing more than to watch the fall of the British Empire from above the galactic plane.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my best/worst game of Stellaris. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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