The Inheritors of Man Campaign Idea

I’ve been thinking about starting up a new campaign with the release of the new DLC. I haven’t done a lot of Human playthroughs so I was thinking of going in that direction.

Question: Do we know how to force a pre-scripted empire into a game? Best way I know of is to copy it and force the copy to spawn.

Anyways before I fire this up I thought I would welcome some feedback on this campaign

The Inheritors of Man Campaign
(Note assumes all DLC, no gamplay mods)


At one point in the distant past humanity rose, conquered the stars, and fell. Now the rementents of the Human race are scattered across the Galaxy. Retake the stars and forge a new destiny.
Ruined Mega-structures are remnants of the old empire.
Fallen empires “may” have helped the downfall of the old empire.
Precursor: Work that into the canon. Maybe they were more recent. Maybe the First League was a rival of the Human Empire. Maybe the Human empire fought with the other fallen empires against the Cybrex, but that's why the humans fell. etc.


Most of us know this, but if you use the same base Portrait and Species Names (Name/Plural/Adjective), they will be considered the same race by the game. Leveraging that when creating empires.

Player Empire: Humans
Species: Human
Origin: Remnants
Starting Solar System: Sol/Earth
Lore: The collapsed homeward of the former human empire.

NPC 1: The Slavers
Origin: Syncretic Evolution
Syncretic Species: Human
Government: Fanatic Authoritarian with Slaver Guilds
Lore: These either were former slaves and have enslaved the humans OR the humans were enslaved after the fall of their empire.

NPC 2: Holy Paradise Found
Origin: Life-Seeded
Species: Human
Government: Spiritualist/Xenophobe/Pacifist – Recommend Dictatorial/Imperial for the space pope. With Inward Perfection/Exalted Priesthood
Lore: Found Paradise, got religious after the fall of the Human Empire. Don’t trust anybody, more interested in internal religious politics than anything else.

NPC 3: New Imperium of Man
Copy pre-scripted Commonwealth of Man
Update Name of Empire
Authority to Imperial
Origin to Tomb World
Bonus fun: change one of the civics to Reanimators
Lore: Fallen colony survivors that exist on a war blasted planet.

NPC 4: Ringworld Servitors
Origin: Shattered Ring
Species: Machine
Bio-Trophy: Humans
Civics: Rogue Servitor
Lore: At some point during the fall of the empire, the robot servants took over after the ring was partially destroyed.

NPC 5: Resistance is Futile
Origin: Galactic Doorstep? Or another tombworld?
Species: Machine
Cyborg Species: Humans
Civic: Driven Assimilator
Lore: Fallen colony assimilated by machines

NPC 6: Habitat Traders
Origin: Void Dwellers
Government: Megacorporation
Species Human
Lore: This cluster of habitats executed the Disaster Recovery steps of their corporation to survive events of the fall of the empire.

NPC 7: Adopted Ones
Origin: Scions
Species: Human
Lore: After the fall of the empire, one of the now fallen Empires took this colony under their wing for some reason.

NPC 8: The Doomed
Origin: Doomsday
Species: Human
Lore: Another fallen colony fighting to rise again, sadly, their homeworld is destined to be destroyed.

NPC 9: The Consumed
Origin: Necrophage
Prepatent Species: Human
Lore: This race uses humans to assemble new members of their species.

NPC 10: Human Cloning
Origin: Clone Army
Species: Human
Lore: A fallen colony that turned to cloning to survive.

NPC 11: Children of the Dragon
Origin: Here be Dragons!
Species: Human
Lore: This fallen Colony is guarded by a dragon

NPC 12: Mermen
Origin: Ocean Paradise
Species: Human
Trait: Aquatic
Civic Anglers
Bonus: Make them Fanatic Purifiers who hate the air breathers
Lore: This fallen colony on an Ocean world biologically adapted themselves to the environment before losing the technology to adapt.

NPC 13: MechaPirates
Origin: Mechanist
Species: Human
Civics: Barbaric Despoilers + Warrior Culture
Lore: This fallen colony fell heavily into barbarism and has not shed that upon its return to the stars.


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