The Ol’ Bug Zappers

"Do you ever think about the sheer scale of the weapons we employ on void ships? The bug zappers kinda scare the piss out of me, if I'm going to be entirely honest… "

"Think about it for a sec', yeah? Lightning doesn't pass through a vacuum normally, but if you spit out a mess of protons, it can ride that."

"So these massive guns shoot out a jet of protons travelling something like ninety percent speed o' light. — That's already dangerous; we could call that a gun and be done with it. But nah, we're assholes. We decided we need things deader, so we go an' supercharge and a half those particles with so many electrons you can't even find the protons in there. We've got enough power to light up a continent in every shot these days…"

"Now, when that bolt o' power gets to something, there's a flash. You know you hit 'em, even without the comp'ers telling you what's up. Nice light show going on when it happens. Then, if we put enough of those bolts into 'em, they just stop. Yeah they don't stop, but they stop doing stuff."

"It's real fast, see? And we know there isn't a soul on that hunk a' junk still breathin' or tickin' or whatever. That's what scares me so bad! A fistful of godly thunder and the blink of an eye and you and everyone you've been servin' with for months or years is dead, no question."

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"Now if only these damn zappers were scary enough to make the scourge fuck right off way back when…"


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