The Sidimatus Unity

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Ahem, before I get to this, I just want to state why I tagged this as Art. I saw there was no tag for Literature or Lore involving your custom empires, and I personally consider Literature to be Art. With that out of the way, enjoy the tale dear reader.

Endless plant life spans and constricts the surface of Sidimatus Prime. The plant life throbs, and pulsates, processing info and resources to a giant hive constructed from flesh, fungus, and plant life erected from a massive crag in the ground.

There are few spots the vines and fungus refuses to touch, the giant masses of fleshy trees and brambles constructed from twisted ribs, and the old, sediment and wood buildings high on the frigid, boreal mountains. Papers and old computers can be found within these buildings, reading all sorts of things.

Logs about income, exiles, prisoners, AI progress. But most of all, squirreled away in halls of steel, circuitry, and rotted bodies, stands a mainframe, a database containing the last traces of the original species of this constricted world.

The Surntarians, the Surntarians were masters of nature, bending their world to suit their means, being able to practice things someone would call magic, lifting massive segments of earth into the sky and freezing it there, being able to make life sprout from rocks and concrete, their cities were large, spanning tall and wide, a verdant abundance of trees and vegetation.

But then you reach a log, a record of a project known as the "Unity Project." According to the text held within the article, royal researcher Malon Mirara had proposed a project to bring the Surntarians closer to Sidimatus once more. A group of the most verdant creatures at the center, and plant life stretching far out to allow all others to interact with this Unity, to process information and receive and give food and resources.

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Malon Mirara seems to have succeeded. But his dream of the Sidimatus Unity has been defiled. The vegetation encased creatures that recently made contact with the UNE speak with one voice, the voice of Malon. Malon having been damned to the center of the Unity, all of the other Surntarians having perished during the project, Malon now lords over puppeted animals forced to grow into human shape, trying to cleanse the planet of the Hellswamps and flesh forests, all slowly while many distrust him due to his hideous new forms, and the nature of his gestalt hivemind.


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