The Solarian Reconquista

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The Solarian Reconquista, or How I Learned to Stop Messing With Sentinels.

As the Commonwealth of Man began its return to space, they discovered a nearby planet with some unusual xenos war-forms nearby. The planet was duly colonised, named Solaria, and the war-forms were studied prior to disassembly. As our teams prepared to take these 'Sentinels' apart, they suddenly sprang to life and slaughtered their way right across the planet! After a preliminary bombardment proved ineffective, the current Grand Marshal of the CoM made the hard decision to abandon the remaining people of Solaria, as we lacked the forces to overpower the xenos machines.

And so began the Hundred Years of resistance, and the Great Muster. The largest concentration of peoples ever seen in human history. We stretched our military logistics to breaking point, gathering billions of soldiers in one place, enough to populate an entire world! It took a long time. Too long for most of the people of Solaria, but finally we were ready. The Reconquista could begin.

The vast fleet of transports descended upon Solaria's desolate surface. The Sentinels had already scoured almost all human life from Solaria, but this was still our planet and we would not, could not, let such foul automata defile its surface. Twice we struggled against the awful xenos machines and twice we were thrown back, reeling. There was only a dozen of the terrible war-forms but they were unlike anything we had ever seen. Each machine slaughtered many millions of soldiers before they fell. But fall they did and on the third attack we were victorious.

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Solaria was ours once again. The world was renamed Memoriam, as eternal testimony to the billions who fell in the initial invasion, and the billions more who fell to reclaim it. Of the near 170 army units to fight on Solaria, only 30 survived. But the rise of humanity cannot be contained, and this incident served only to remind us all.

Suffer Not The Alien To Live.


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