There is a lack of pet content in Stellaris

Content of the article: "There is a lack of pet content in Stellaris"

So, one thing I have noticed, is that there’s a serious lack of pets in Stellaris! Sure, there’s that one crawler event. And sure, it overlaps with Rogue Servitor and Syncretic Evolution thematically. But as a species, we were highly dependent on our pets for our own survival. We kept them because they were practical, and bonded with them to the extent that we keep and love them now that we no longer need them for any practical reason. (Health and mental wellness benefits aside.)

It’s likely that, if we expand to other planets/higher planes of existence, we will take our pets with us. Who’s to say Mittens won’t be uplifted? That we won’t take Rover when we upload our minds to the Matrix? Or that we won’t find pets of other species, or create them, and adopt them all be same? Maybe in the future it’s practical to have a psionic horse.

So with that ramble out of the way, I think it’s a bit disappointing that pets are all but unmentioned in the game! I’d love to see more pet content, especially since funky (or strangely normal, like Spot the cat) alien pets are such a staple in science fiction. However, I’m not quite sure how I’d like it to be implemented in the game.

So, I’d love to hear some discussion for pet content ideas! Not sure how these would actually play but just to spitball, I think I’d like something like:

Civic – Animal Husbandry: you start out with X pops of a presapient species on your homeworld. (You can select portrait/traits.) Whenever you colonize a planet, you also bring over 1 pop of this species with you. If a planet has a pop of this species, allows you to build a unique “animal caretaker” building, which gives amenities and unity.

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It’d also be cool to have unique events linked to the presapients. If you uplift them and don’t give them full citizen’s rights, for example. Or just more presapient events in general would be cool. I love the crawler event, maybe there could be something similar for empires that have their own pet species. Thoughts?


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