TIP: How to get the Zroni

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As we're all aware, the Zroni is the most annoying precursor event chain to roll due to its seemingly unfairly low chance of spawning, and that chance of spawning seems to somehow magically reduce when you play a spiritualist empire. However, what if I told you that the odd of it being seeded is (more or less) equally high between all precursor event chains?

Some of you may be aware that the devs changed it from being seeded to being "truly random", however that "true randomness" isn't actually entirely random at all, only partially.

Around your empire, a seed of around 2-3 precursor chains will spawn on various planets, and whichever planet with a precursor flag you survey first determines your precursor chain. Simple, yeah?

WELL! The thing about the Zroni is that THEY DO SPAWN, but ONLY ON HABITABLE PLANETS. To many of you I expect this is not news, but to others it is – myself included, until just a few days ago.

Additionally, other precursor flags do not spawn on habitable worlds at all, which means if you survey only habitable planets around your start, you're increasing your odds of rolling the Zroni by a large margin.

Using the regular method of just surveying anything and everything until I find any precursor event chain, I didn't find the Zroni after 8 trials and ultimately gave up. Using the method of surveying only habitable worlds, however, it took me only 2 attempts!

You'll know if you haven't rolled the Zroni if you've surveyed maybe 5 or 6 habitable worlds without the event spawning. Generally, though, it'll spawn on your first couple of habs.

One rather obvious limitation of this method, of course, is that you won't be able to claim any systems at all until you either find the chain or give up. To combat this, you might want to spam out quite a few science ships to assist the search. Furthermore, using a xenophobe+auth+spiritaulist build is not only cool for RP but also exceptionally good for getting those juicy systems nice and early after you find the Zroni, since you'll need the extra influence reduction cost and production for claiming systems.

Now get out there and find those Zronorinos!

TL;DR – Only survey habitable worlds until you find the Zroni digsite 🙂


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