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For those who find this, we want you to know the galaxy you live in is scarred from countless wars and great threats. So we've decided to leave our tale along with some notes so please bear with us as it will hopefully aid you in your decisions to come.

Long before you had taken your first steps into this galaxy we had done the same but as I'm sure is the smae with you we were not the only one to do so. We met our neighbor the Nauratis or Naur for short. We had made quick friends with them, a peaceful nation with a penchant for trade make great friends indeed, little did we know they would become our most loyal allies and friends.

Not long after meeting them did we meet our other neighbors and what unfortunate neighbors they were. The Nox an irritating machine inteligence, the Observers, the Reclaimers though they would not call themselves that yet, the Pequery swarm mindless beasts who only knew how to consume and luckily enough the Quaris swarm a swarm of sentient minerals lived right next to them resulting in those two occupying each others time more than anybody elses.

Unfortunately with our neighbors it made it mighty difficult to leave our part of the system however with the help of very brave souls and our fledgling sythetics projects both ours and the Naurs science teams pushed past the swarms undetected and found a galactic federation had formed without our knowledge. The next century went by in a flash we joined rather quickly and our dear Naur followed suit.

We had found our place in the galaxy and we knew what our purpose was, we would amass political power and use it for the good of the galaxy. When we found the federation we found out that not everyone was like us, there were many people who were filled with hate and distrust for others. And that ishow we came to this conclusion, if we could out vote one or two of these hateful nations we could keep most or even all of them in check.

And so for the next couple decades thats what we did, we streamlined everything even ourselves we no longer had need for non sentient synths as we had begun modifying ourselves to become better than them old age would soon be a concept of the past. Meanwhile we had finished spreading out in the rather tight part of the galaxy we would call our own and there at the last system right next to the center of the galaxy would we find the L Gate.

We had continued building political weight becoming one of the three heads of the federation next to Nox and a Trade union on the other side of the galaxy our political power was equal to both of theirs combined but it would not prove to be enough. We had begun our final and greatest project yet, having invented jump drives we decided what better to pair with trancending space than trancending time by trading our flesh for metal and becoming machines.

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However not all was well as curiosity had gotten the better of us and we had finally found a way to open the L Gates as we activated them a waring came on screen a message from those who came before speaking of a grey terror trapped in the L cluster, a set of systems lying just outside our galaxy. We made a mistake that day we thought our predecessors weak. On the other side of that gate we found fleets larger and more powerful than any of our fledgling federation had ever seen. It was the next day that we had seen the end of our galaxy.

We rushed the federation into an emergancy vote knowing we had no chance if any of us tried to face this threat on our own we demanded the galaxy go into a state of emergency as the Grey had started to come out of the gates and laying waste to everything it came into contact with. It was that day we saw the end of our hope only 2 other nations had voted in favor of opening our borders and fighting off the Grey the Naur and another nation who was already being ravaged by the Grey.

Defeated we went home we watched as the Grey tore through our galaxy first the Pequery, maybe that wasnt so bad, next the Quaris, maybe this isnt so bad, next was a nation of peaceful isolationists and then they kept going. We tried the vote again… it failed the distrust of the galaxy towards on another had killed it, the rest of them may not have known it then but we could see the writing on the wall and we had become bitter enough to decide on a drastic plan.

We went to the Naur and told them our plan we had found a part of the galaxy that could only be acessed by going through an ancient and powerful group of religous zelots or by using a jump drive in a few specific locations even though we were exactly what they hated we also happened to be in possesion of their greatest relic an un-aging head said to be their messiah so they tollerated our presence, the Naur declined saying that they would walk the path in front of them as they had follwed ours long enough.

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So we set off with a science ship, an enginering vessel, a group of mechanical settlers including myself and the rest of our military knowing the galaxy we would come back to would no longer be our own, we found nothing there baren planets but we had come too far to give up now, we set up a habitat in orbit around one of the richer looking planets and got to work on the final part of this awful plan, we declared the habitat the capital, vassalized and abandoned the rest of our systems and shut ourselves down for a few more decades while we let our machines build ships and our researchers work.

When we fianlly awoke we found the galaxy had been torn to shreds all that remained was the 4 acient empires, one of our former vassals hanging on to our former capital and the Nox that bastard seemingly untouched by the Grey, they had had a strong enough fleet to hold back the Grey for so long yet would not fight against it. While our military was finally coming up to strength the last of our former vassals were killed and now all that was left in the galacy were those we hated.

We hated the fact that they had just sat there and watched as the galaxy died off around them and we hated that we were just like them. We set off with our military to the l cluster the Grey were preocupied with gnawing at the borders of the others that we could simply fly right in. The battles were hard but not unexpected, we simply took our time there was nobody left to wait on us so there was no need to rush. Destroy, repair, destroy, repair until finally we found the nexus of the Grey we tore it to shreds and vaporized every last piece.

The Grey was dead so we went home and began to buildor army once again, we had to feed anyone and the downsides to having a resorce deficit was only time and that we had plenty of, we simply built eventually the reclaimers and the observers went to war, but that no longer mattered as an acient cult protected us from danger so we built. The war ended, we built, the reclaimers won, we built, the reclaimers went to war with the Nox, we built, the Nox nearly lost, good.

We had lost track of time our army had grown to a mosntrous scale and a rift in space had opened on the other end of the galaxy, creatures rhat called themselves the Unbidden would work as perfect target practice for our army, they left themselves wide open 2 jumps from unclaimed space in their territory and they were dead I know not where they came from nor do I care. We had come up with one last, plan we would destroy all space farring sentient life that was left in this galaxy and then leave it behind with the smae thing that destroyed it the L gate.

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And so I find myself here, writing this on the same cosole that warned us not to open these gates, they will no longer work, we are going to destroy the gate on the other side. I truly have no idea on how to end something like this other than this, dont try and contact us we want to be left alone we leave the galaxy in hope that whoever comes next can do better.

Enclosed are some of my personal thoughts on what we've left behind in no particular order. The ameba are hardly a threat and can be easily pacified if there are any left than they are truly the oldest things in this galaxy please dont kill them. The sphere next to the black hole is a friend that we found just before we left, donate some of your time and help it I'd like to think its doing something rather important. The egg is hopefully unhatched if not be wary as whatever is inside is potentially dangerous. Finally the strange fortress seems to repair itself as we were not the only ones to have entered that strange place.


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