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The idea revolves around prior geocentric beliefs. In this unique star system, all of the other planets, asteroids, and the star revolve around one small planet.

Entering the system the first time would give a pop-up detailing how odd and impossible it is for such large bodies to orbit this one small planet and once the center planet is surveyed, reveal an anomaly on it.

The anomaly trigger text would say something like, "the scientist is confident something weird is going on with this planet and refuses to believe this is all there is to the system."

Completing the anomaly would result in the scientist finding very old remains of buildings that weren't visible from space, but more importantly, nothing that could explain the physics of the system. The planet changes to a relic world with an archaeology site on it.

The archaeology site has the scientist searching a bunch of different areas of the planet to find any information about the clear breach of the laws of nature, but to no end. All the scientist finds is an immense underground computing machine used to map the paths of the other planets and the systems star, which only supports the idea that this is a natural phenomenon. This adds a unique building to the planet that provides a large amount of physics research if worked. Maybe the scientist goes mad and is unusable after this.

If the planet becomes colonized and the research job is worked, there is a chance for another archaeology site to be discovered on the planet.

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This site is found by a random worker at the research site, maybe a janitor? Not important. Anyway, they find a well hidden part of the computing machine complex. This site reveals a bitter rivalry between two scientists. I don't know much about Copernicus and any rivalry he may have had about his heliocentric system, but a play on their names would be clever if one exists.

Ultimately, this last archaeology site reveals that Copernicus' rival was the leader of a powerful cult organization and refused to admit he was wrong. Ultimately, he created the computing machine to find an orbital path where all of the bodies in their system successfully orbit their planet, then used their vast research to find a way into space, and then find a way to move those planets and the star into the correct paths. Finally, destroyed all technology related to space travel so as to prove this is just how it has always been, and revealed the computing machine to the public as a way to prove it is mathematically possible for their planet to be the center of the system rather than its real purpose of finding that model in the first place, causing all literature on the planet to support the idea that it is natural.

Some flavor: since the orbits of the planets would be ridiculously complex, the orbit lines of all of the bodies in the system except any moons could disappear once the computing machine is discovered. This would be because there is no logical reason for your empire's scientists to have ever computed geocentric models, and cannot figure out the paths on their own.

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