Utopia and Ancient Relics is enough?

I own Utopia and Ancient Relics and having seen the Humble Bundle for Stellaris I decided to look into the criticism for each of the DLC included to figure out whether to get the bundle irrespective of price. I wanted to gauge how the community here responds to the extracts that stood out to me:


'Only buy this if you want to add another RNG lose condition to the game. Leviathans can be game ending early game but by mid game they are pointless time wasters. This DLC adds nothing but maybe 5 minutes of content to a game, utterly pointless.'

'the chance for Fallen Empires to go to war, which I have never seen in all my hundreds of hours of playing the game'

'The actual Leviathans are obnoxious, as there is no way to control how many can spawn in a galaxy or how close to your civilization they will spawn. Basically, if you spawn next to one of them, you may as well consider that save null and void and start over, because they are ridiculously powerful for mid-game bosses and will curbstomp your empire, rendering the last 6 hours of gameplay moot. They aren't actually any fun, because you'll either A.) know they are coming and be so prepared you wipe them out immediately or B.) are not prepared at all and they virtually obliterate your whole empire.'

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Synthetic Dawn:

'Hey ever wondered how long a robot uprising would last?

Let me answer that for you and save you the cost of this DLC mod pack. 5 minutes of game play, every AI civ is disadvantaged from the start so playing them is teeth pulling and fighting them is a cake walk.'

'while this DLC allows you to play as a Synthetic Race, it arbitrarily restricts how you're allowed to play that race. You have to be a Gestalt Consciousness which means your race is always essentially a robot Hive Mind with some units supposedly having limited self awareness. This means you're also not allowed to be different government types. You can't be democratic, you can't be a dictatorship, only gestalt as your population are only an extension of your Central Processing Unit.'

'I wouldn't recommend this DLC as you're heavily restricted on what you're allowed to do and be, horribly shafting the roleplay appeal of the base game.'


'If you play single player, this DLC is not worth buying.

  1. For some reason, the chance of megacorps appearing in game is really high. And there's almost always a criminal syndicate. Which is really annoying.
  2. If you play a megacorps yourself – first of all, you need other empires not to be megacorps so you can do anything, which, due to point 1, you are out of luck for; second, you need other empires to not suck at developing planets for you branch offices to be useful, which, since AI sucks, you are also out of luck for. So the whole game mechanism is more infuriating than enjoyable.'
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'Colossus – not all that useful. Typically you want to take control of planets, not destroy them/kill pops. It requires an ascension perk (you can only have 8). If people take this, it's most likely for the total war war-goal.

Titan – bigger gun on a bigger ship (limited amount based on how many ships you have). Build them if they're in the game but don't buy the DLC for this, they really don't add much. Also the auras that buff allies don't affect all allied fleets in the system.

Ion cannon – one per system and requires a max level starbase (citadel). Pretty useless by the time you get it. It might get one or two shots off before it dies.'

'I feel that Titans and Colossi are great for roleplaying, but they are not really good in-game, in fact, I never felt I needed a Colossus and I use Titans only for swag.

What about pirates, then?

For me, Marauders empires were annoyance and often just ruined my fun. In fact, after getting an achievement for killing the Khan I disabled them and never turned them on since.'

'Colossi are cool besides the **massive** debuffs to all diplomacy, making using your *end game/ascension perk sink/alloy-debt-inducer* an easy way to have every person, even xenophobes, hate you. I never waste an ascension point on it: deleting a planet is cool, but you can just invade it an move everyone off it with resettlement.'

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It would seem to me that given the criticism that for single player run throughs Utopia and Ancient Relics is sufficient. Given that both offer more accessible content throughout the game than the other DLC above. Interested to hear your thoughts.


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