Void-dwellers Dwarves, Feudal society, and single-system vassals

Content of the article: "Void-dwellers Dwarves, Feudal society, and single-system vassals"

First off let me say I'm still a beginner. I've played a little bit since release, pretty much at each expansion, but never took a game further than 150 or 200 years.

With some friends we plan to finally do a serious game up until the end, with 5 players. Each of us has strong ideas for roleplay, and I'd like to ask some experts if what I have in mind is possible and won't cripple my economy.

My faction will be Void-dweller Feudal Dwarves. They'll be authoritarian and xenophobic, but still open to trade.

The idea is to take the Dwarven concept of "Holds", with a High-King (my faction) overlording a lot of independant Kings.

How to do that? I plan on building one (or a few) Habitats in each system under my empire's control, then release them as vassals. This way I'll play a tall mono-system, with a lot of smaller empires under my direct control.

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My questions:

1) Will I still have a good economy with this?

2) Are there risks of rebellions, even with the Feudal civic, and the fact there shouldn't be other species and everyone is authoritarian?

3) Will my vassals be economically independent -by that I mean they can prosper with time and grow- with a single habitat and, say, 5 pops? Or should I wait to have 2 or 3 habitats with 10 pops each before releasing them as vassals?

4) Is it a better idea to make to leave "empty" systems (without habitat) around each vassal habitat-ed systems? This way there'll be space for my vassals to grow and start building their own habitats around.

5) Is it a better idea to give independence to the vassals and then regroup everyone under one Federation?

6) Is it a better idea to start on a Ringworld mono-system playthrough, and simply release every single colonized planet as a vassal? If so, how many pops do each planet need to be able to survive economically speaking as a vassal (=when to release them?) ?

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The objective is not to find the most broken-OP combinaison, but I don't want to completely lag behind other empires and not be able to interact with my friends who will be relative superpowers compared to me. They, too, will play 'normal' (= not OP) empires.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.


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