We need more diverse Factions

Content of the article: "We need more diverse Factions"

I always liked the idea of Two Xenophobic Factions but I Think there should be more Ethics other than Xenophobe that has multiple factions.

Heres my Idea:

Freedom Fighters:Freedom Fighters want Freedom and equality for all Species, even if it means that they have too fight for it.

Freedom Fighters are a Millitarist Faction that spawns if the Players is egalitarian and Millitarist and dosen't have the Xenophobe Ethic.

Faction Problems (positive):

Liberation: Liberating an Empire by imposing the Egalitarian Ethic or imposing an Democracy.

Agressive Diplomacy: Having Unrestricted or Liberation war policy.

Galactic Hero: Rivaling at least 2 Authoritarian Empires will Please the Freedom Fighters.

Free Slaves: Conquering an Planet and freeing Slaves will greatly please the Freedom Fighters.

Faction Problems (negative):

False Liberation: Imposing the Authoritarian Ethic or imposing an Dictatorial/Imperial Goverment.

Wrong Enemy: Rivaling an Egalitarian Empire will displease the Freedom Fighters.

Enforcing Slavery: Conquering an Planet and Enslaving its natives will displease the Freedom Fighters greatly.

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Ethnocrat:Ethnocrat want euqality and high Living Standards for their Main species and wish for an Liberal Government.

Ethnocrats are an Egalitarian Faction who spawn if the player is Egalitarian and Xenophobe, the Ethnocrat faction can only be chosen by your Main species.

Faction Problems (positive):

Liberal Goverment:Being Democratic and Oligarchic will Please the Ethnocrats.

Paradise for own People: Having Social welfare or Utopian Abundace for your Empires Main species will Please the Ethnocrats.

Cultural Hegemony:Ensuring that no other Alien species has same living standards and Citizenship like your Empires Main Species will Please the Ethnocrats.

Faction Problems (negative):

Free Movement for own people:Having migration controls on your Main species will displease the Ethnocrats.

Enslaving our own People:Having Slaver Guilds or Indentured Assets will displease the Ethnocrats.

Note: Ethnocrats dont care if you declare Population or Migration Controls on Alien species.

If the player is Egalitarian Xenophobe and Millitarist than the Millitarist Faction will still be Imperialist.

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