We should have a “Provoke Planetary Revolt” Espionage Option

So I've been playing around with the new Espionage system and while it's good as a system it's still pretty barebones and lacking in intriguing operations.

Most glaring is that we, while we can arm privateers we can't arm angry slaves.

So as the title suggests let me go through how I think this operation could work. First it will require a high infiltration level, like arm privateers and be about as costly in terms of energy credits and take roughly the same number of steps. To balance this the operation would have a prerequisite that you have to have an asset in the target empire. This operation will also require that the targeted empire have pops, that are affected by happiness, who are unhappy. So slaves in a slaver empire, livestock pops in a xenophobe empire, or literally every pop in AI empires after 2300 when the AI bungles its economy and every planet turns into Space Venezuela with food and CG shortages. The operation upon completion will spawn one army per unhappy pop, so 10 unhappy pops will spawn 10 armies, plus maybe one or two extra base armies from hired mercenaries or other covert sources.

Proper planning is key since you want to pick a planet with enough unhappy pops to have a decent chance of winning.

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If the revolt is successful then your asset, if possible, becomes the leader of a new separatist empire that you can either annex directly into your empire, or have as a vassal, or just let it be independent, whatever you want or need at the time. This exists in vanilla as some rebelling planets will attempt to join nearby empires who share their ethics and who are rivals to their former masters.

However, if this plot is discovered it is absolutely an act of war and the targeted empire should respond appropriately. In this way the operation would be high-risk, high-reward. There's an advanced neighbor next to you and you want to take him down a peg or two, but you're too weak because you're tech rushing. Well foment a rebellion on one of his key planets to weaken his economy and perhaps strengthen yours. Or say you are a megacorp looking for new expansion opportunities but your neighbor won't sign a commercial pact. Well give them the Guatemala treatment and provoke a revolt on the planet you really want a branch office on. The possibilities are limitless. You could even do a pacifist challenge where you conquer the entire galaxy through this method without ever having to actually invade anyone.

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Let me know what you think. I have no idea if this is balanced, or if it could actually be implemented without becoming super annoying.

TLDR: I want to play as Space CIA.


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