Welp, now I’m bored… kind of.

Content of the article: "Welp, now I’m bored… kind of."

The year is 2276, my Megacorporation, Vanoan Pacification Services, has taken control of 3/4ths of the galaxy by expansion alone, and destroyed only two empires in the process. (One early on who betrayed me while doing the species cultural exchange) and a FE recently because I needed to possition my fleets in a better way to later destroy the DAAR empire (plans for the future), and I have about 70-95 branch offices, and when I opened the L-Gate, nothing happened. No Grey Tempest, no Grey imitators, just the Grey condensed into a dude.

Uplifted an empire and now preparing land to give it to them just to have more empires around because for some reason my game Randomized empires on the low-end, and I already sold the first species/empire I destroyed into slavery. (It only took around 50 or so years), and for some reason, this is the fastest game I’ve finished.

Other empires are starting wars now, and I have good relations with all of them. (Above neutral), and Im not tied into defensive pacts. My Federation is on it’s third ruler (40 year round ruling) and I’ve researched all techs and excavations. As a Megacorp, I can’t kill off everyone cuz otherwise I won’t have branch offices.

My Chief Executive (same one from the start cuz everyone prefers that ruler… and so do I cuz I like how they look), is now bored and playing with the glass of wine while staring off into the distance.

My empire provides security details as well as merc works. I havent seen or heard anything from the Orphan Gate and idk how to activate that, and I pretty much control the GM in the slave trade, and the actual place where it is, while having the heaviest vote in the GC and a Galactic Community Council Member, I veto a lot of stuff, and oppose the rest. (Im set), and I don’t remember if I set the Crisis or not.

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Right now in the process of making new empires and boosting their economy by injecting alloys, energy and minerals for 30 years, while I terraform planets before giving them to said empire.

(PS: I play with mods and some cheats and commands, cuz I play just to have fun and don’t care about controlling the galaxy, just building planets and seeing everyone kill each other.)


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