What the hell is up with gravity in this game?

Content of the article: "What the hell is up with gravity in this game?"

So as we all know, some form of artificial gravity is necesary for prolonged spaceflight for numerous reasons (at least in humans, and say we are playing as UNE for example). The only way we currently have to allow this artificial gravity, is to create a force perpendicular to the surface you want to stand on. In practice this means a rotating surface, which generates enough perpendicular force to simulate the same force that we know as gravity, like those massive spinning rings seen in the inter-planetary ship in The Martian.

However, I have noticed that at the start of the game, both science ships, mining stations, corvettes, research stations, and outposts all lack such a mechanism. I assume like in Star Wars and Star Trek they just walk around inside like they weren't in space (i.e. somehow have gravity). My question is – how? We currently know less about gravity and how it works than we do about theoretical warp drives. It stands to reason that in human playthroughs like UNE/CoM, these warp drives ("hyperdrives") would be developed before we are able to artificially create gravity.

Furthermore; the Ecumenopolis requires Anti-Gravity Engineering technology to be researched as a pre requisite. This implies this hasn't already been figured out by that point in the late game, let alone the beginning of the game, and yet our ships are designed from the get go as if gravity works in them perfectly fine. In addition, the description of the luxury residences building, which doesn't have artificial gravity as a pre requisite for construction, states that they have such extravagant and outlandish architecture that "without anti-gravity suspension technology, they would surely collapse". What the f*ck, chronology of the game???

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It is completely unreasonable to suggest that being able to control gravity at the start of the game in ships (or at least by the point you get to luxury residences) somehow requires you to research anti-gravity technology again before further projects can be done with it. And we definitely can control gravity by that point.

Another qualm; how do ships work when they enter orbit of a planet – are they actually orbiting? This seems unlikely because even people who's understanding of orbital mechanics comes from Kerbal Space Program can tell you that the amount of thrust being exerted in those spacefights these ships engage in around orbits would send them absolutely plummeting back down onto the surface or out into the sun by virtue of rampantly and randomly extending their apoapsis and periapsis during manueveurs. It seems that the only reasonable explanation is some kind of Star Trek "inertia cancelling" technology that means they stay in a fixed position above an orbit or in deep space, but this would obviously require control of gravity, which brings us back to the starting problem, especially early game.

Is there any reasonable headcanon or in-universe canon explanation for this sh*t?


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