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Got the event where, for no discernible reason (other than their own hate and bigotry), an angry mob of Xenophobes tried to kill an alien pop on one of my jewly-founded colonies recently.

This occurred on a colony that was nearly finished building a Planetary Capital, so of course I choose to "Distract the Mob" (I didn't have the right Empire Ethos to fully protect the alien: was playing an Authoritarian/Militarist/Materialist Megacorp).

This "Enraged" all Xenophobe pops on the planet according to the tooltip- and when I sorted through the pops I found just one pop with the Enraged modifier (I don't have many Xenophobes in my empire, although there are enough to form a faction due to my huge empire population of 160 pops by 2022 or so, thanks to lucky finds of an Atomic Age and Early Space Age primitive world- both if which I conquered, the latter being on a system directly adjacentmy start on a Guaranteed Habitable world also ideal for my Founder species)- a white female with the resting bitchface portrait, which for some reason hasn't randomized to anything else since getting stuck with the pop modifier.

Since the modifier lasts 2500 days (almost 7 years!) I made sure to pass up that Colonist for promotion to Executive, as I didn't need the hit to Stability, and had plenty of Materialists (I had Mechanist origin- hence part of my huge pop #'s, having built over 20 robots in the first 20 years… I also have over 15 colonies…) and Authoritarians to replace her (Militarist are pretty pissed, since I don't have a strong enough navy to rival the nations I want to rival yet, and am on very friendly terms with my weaker neighbors…)

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However I had trouble deciding what to do with her. I didn't really need her as an Enforcer, stirring up trouble by presumably beating and murdering racial minorities George Floyd-style. But it takes 1800 days (5 years!) to demote her to Worker stratum: where there are jobs I actually need filled (expanding this fast stretched my economy to the breaking-point, even with careful micromanagement, two large primitive worlds I conquered, Indentured Assets civic, a pitiful navy, several large Relic finds I promptly sold off, and generous "gifts" from my very friendly neighbors in exchange for Favors…)

In the end, as this world was also host to Titanic Life (and Low Gravity, and is a tiny Tropical moon of a Gas Giant: which I find fitting for the presence of Godzilla-sized creatures, as low gravity and high oxygen would enable evolution of much bigger wildlife…) I decided to build a Research Lab and stick her to laboratory drudgery, researching the Godzilla-creatures: I sort of hope she gets eaten by one (murderous piece of trash, trying to slaughter innocent aliens for no reason…) But really, I'm wondering whether this was the best decision- or if I should have just waited out the demotion timer to Worker tier (Since I'm running Stratified Economy, this would have reduced her Political Power, increasing the Stability of the colony until her Enraged modifier expires…)

What would the rest of you have done? Keep in mind this was on a tiny tropical moon (top two species planet preference: Ocean workds- I only very recently conquered the Atomic Age civ on a Desert World) with only 10 pops I was actually planning on depopulating as soon as the Capital was done- to move them to other frontier worlds in need of settlement, or back to the Homeworld for the higher production and reduced upkeep from 100% Habitability… (you lose 5% production per 10% Habitability below 100%, and food/Amenities upkeep rise even faster than this, doubling at 0% Habitability)

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TLDR: How do you usually deal with pops with negative modifiers like "Enraged" (-25% Happiness and, I think, production maluses) that follow them from planet to planet?


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