Why does my Hegemony Ally get to Vote on Association Status?

Content of the article: "Why does my Hegemony Ally get to Vote on Association Status?"

New player here, back with another question, and still trying to figure out how to make diplomacy work in this game.

Gave up on a regular federation and started the game over again to go with a hegemony instead, from trial-and-error having learned some lessons the first time around.

Ultimately the "all members must vote to enter" combined with me trading contacts with everyone early on in the game had screwed me over in the first route (people already decided they didn't like one another before I could offer association status).

So this time my strategy was to go Hegemony, and form association statuses with empires that hadn't even heard of my allies, thus ensuring they would develop positive relations with my federation members.

However, the problem I'm seeing this time is confusing me.

My federation law is clearly set to "President Decides" for inviting new members and I am the president. However, when I hover over both the "Invite to Federation" and "Offer Association Status" tab of a empire I want to gradually move into my hegemony, the tooltip says that my hegemony ally will "Vote NO".

I figured this was just some sort of error with the tooltip, because the federation law clearly states that the president is the sole decider when it comes to new members…

However, then I clicked "Offer Association Status", and a dialog box popped up saying the vote had failed.

What the hell?

Is it possible that my game is bugged, and is calling for a vote when it shouldn't be doing so? (thus potentially explaining why the "Invite to Federation" tooltip gives a "Votes NO" display despite the law saying votes don't matter)?

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Or does the law only apply to invitations to the hegemony, and I still need the members to vote in favor of association statuses? And if that's the case, if ONLY the president of a hegemony gets to decide on matters of membership, WHY on earth does my ally get a vote when it comes to offering association status?

Also, have I missed anything here? Is there some law somewhere buried in the options that allows me to set "Offer Association" to "President Decides"? I don't see anything…

If I'm stuck with having my allies need to vote on associates, I guess I'll need to restart the game again and go back to the drawing board with my strategy. I'm really not enjoying how this game seems to want to strongly discourage me from playing diplomatically in any fashion.


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