Why I think Hive Mind is the best.

Why hello there to all my fellow brothers and sisters who are apart of, and enjoy, r/Stellaris. In this discussion, I will outline why I think a non-devouring swarm, hive mind is one of the best ways to play Stellaris.

Now let's mention that I am in no way stating that this is the absolute best type of way to play a race, this is just my take on Hive Mind, and how it helped me to master the basics of Stellaris.

Point 1: Resources.

Though my playthroughs of the 2 different organic Hive Minds, it was very apparent from the get go that Hive Minds only needed 3 resources, not 4, and that balancing my empire would end up being a lot easier. (I discount alloys as o find they have no purpose aside from troops)

Generating energy credits is a breeze, and becoming self sufficient is also, easier than the average empire. You dont have to worry about trade routes, commercial pacts, or structuring your economy to be energy intensive. The solar panels are a great way to sustain yourself throughout the game, and you can slap 6 of them on a star fortress, allowing for more power generation.

Point 2: Faster Pops

Now I know you can get some starting traits and civics that will already put your pop growth to a great start as a non hive mind, but starting with that spawning pool, especially when pops = power, is a god send.

Point 3: Younger Leaders

This point speaks for itself really. Yeah you can make your leaders live forever during the end game stuff, but having younger leaders from the get go is also a really nice perk. That scientist with that spark of genius is gonna be around a lot longer, and will be able to churn out more tech before they go bye bye.

Point 4: No factions, and increased stability.

I've noticed that hive minds only need 1 sentinal post on a planet that has low stability and it seems to then take care of itself in terms of deviancy (crime), and because there are no factions, influence is always at a steady rate. I know you can probably get more via some factions, but if you do something to irritate them, you get negative modifiers to your influence.

Point 5: Faster Unity.

While this has literally nothing on a spiritualist, with the oligarchy civic perk, being ascetic, and sticking a confluence of thought each planet (cause why not?) You're able to churn out those ascension perks quite fast, along with fortifying your growing, and budding empire.

So those are my points for now. Feel free to add more 🙂 Hive Mind is a great way to start Stellaris, and is one of the easiest ways to learn some of the mechanics in the game, with a forgiving safety net of sorts.

Cheers all! Let's hear your fav builds, and hopefully this can help those who are like me, indecisive as fuck lol.


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