Why YOU should play Barbaric Despoilers.

This tutorial is under the assumption that Federations DLC is installed. If you don’t own federations this civics only for those who are really dedicated to the flavor.


Raiding Bombardment:

Description: Despoilers have access to the ‘Raiding Bombardment Stance’ How this works is that any pops that would have been killed by your bombardment are instead taken to one of your planets.

Uses: Now before you comment on how it’s easier to just take the planets hear me out. If you are using this stance to weaken planets for invasions you are not using this correctly.

The best way to use this is after your fleets take out the starbases of any systems you have claimed but make sure that the enemy still control at least one planet or starbase . This is to keep the enemy from surrendering before you get the chance to steal pops. Then make a beeline to the next planet with the highest pops like their Capital. Sadly any empire can use this stance with their first Ascension Perk. Meaning you are at most saving your first perk.


Description: Plunder is a unique Casus Belli exclusive to Barbaric Despoilers. It is essentially a upgrade to the Humiliate wargoal with no relation requirements. Upon winning you will gain min +500 energy and minerals for every 3 planets the loser owns and reduces the losers energy and mineral gain by 20% for 10 years. You will also gain any systems you have a claim on.

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Uses: A lot of people look down on this war goal saying the energy and minerals gained are insignificant. They aren’t wrong but that’s not the real boon of this wargoal. What makes Barbaric Despoilers a game changer is their ability to permanently weaken enemies economy while boosting their own economy.

The -20% mineral and energy gain of this wargoal paired with the ability to steal enemy pops can set a Empire back decades while boosting you’re own population is ridiculous. And you can do this regardless of distance. No one is safe from your greed. And there are many play styles that can abuse this.

Adaptation Tree:

Description: Barbaric Despoilers have access to a special Tradition Tree Adaptation. This would replace the Diplomacy Traditions.

Uses: This is arguably the biggest bonus of Barbaric Despoilers. The Adaptation tree is objectively superior to diplomacy as it can boost your economy and make it harder for enemies to invade. But sadly this is where the Pros end.


Diplomacy Limitations:

Description: Barbaric Despoilers cannot form (but can join) Federations except Hegemony and Martial Federations. And they cannot form Migration Treaties.

Meaning: The federation limitations are no big deal. You couldn’t form those federations anyway due to the requirements of the civic itself. The migration limitation on the other hand is a little different.

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I personally don’t use migration treaties anyway. Not to mention I tend to enslave most Xeno’s regardless so it doesn’t make a lot of sense logically. But there are lots of ways to abuse migration treaties to cause mayhem and gain population peacefully so that can be a deal breaker to some.

Opinion Modifiers:

Description: Despoilers have a negative opinion modifier with all empires except fellow Despoilers. The opinion modifiers in order of priority are as follows

Meaning: This is actually a pretty frustrating negative especially with a civic that gives no military advantage.

But since this civic goes hand in hand with slavery and warfare all it means is that you will only be allying with empires that are similar to you and fighting people you would fight anyway. This can also be very easily countered by force spawning potential allies and Despoilers in your game as desired.

Summary: Barbaric Despoilers is a civic that when used correctly will shape the galaxy in their favor.

Got a advanced start Empire or Player that is getting or your nerves? Turn the tables in a single war and reset them back to the space age!

Want to be a Bandit Kingdom drowning in profit? No problem you will steal plenty of pops to exploit and sell.

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Sick of those annoying Xenophiles telling what to do? Well see how they like it when when all the pops that used to be in their Capital are now in your labor camps while you profit.

The galaxy is at the mercy of your imagination and all people living in it are rightfully yours for the taking.


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