Yesterday I lost by accidentally unleashing the apocalypse in 2260, today I saw robots destroy the universe all on their own!

Content of the article: "Yesterday I lost by accidentally unleashing the apocalypse in 2260, today I saw robots destroy the universe all on their own!"

Imagine, if you will, an empire with just the right amount of luck to open the L gates in 2260 from insight events. Imagine 500 research and 4 >20 sized planets, 6 smaller planets and a trade highway.

Yep, that’s me alright, Gaius Rothschild, former owner of Xenocorp, the only place for all things chattel!

I’ve only opened 2 L Gates before, so I knew what to expect: some strategics, maybe a leader or ship, nothing major but a nice bonus so of course I opened it the moment I could.

From this point of the galaxy was doomed….

“The Gray tempest are open for business”

Ok, no biggie, so there’s hostile xeno’s on the other side, so what, I thought, 3 or 4 3k fleets aren’t that hard, but what did you expect from future chattel.

Then I noticed the extra 0 on the 3……

30K fleet power, multiple fleets, from every gateway EXCEPT the one that turned on the gates (only partly true, as after about 10 years they start also coming out that gate)

It took only 30 years for the galaxies greatest nations to disappear, excluding fallen empires who full up didn’t give a frick and in classic FE form, did precisely 0 fighting.

Now we get to today, the whole point of this post.

Today the galaxy was destroyed by a driven assimilator race I dubbed “the grey tempest”, whom were allowed to gobble up a large part of the galaxy by 2050 because I’d declared war on their biggest neighbours and decimated their fleets repeatedly without even knowing the threat on the other side of the border existed.

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A defensive pact I had made then proceeded to doom the galaxy to assimilation

A nation as big as mine but not as strong gets a war declaration, ‘driven assimilators total war’, they’re my neighbour, I’ll go help out!

Atleast 8 19k fleets……in 2300

So I spend the next 20 years constantly building corvettes, keeping them out of battle as much as possible, quickly raising my fleet power from 8k in 2300, to 27k, hoping maybe peace will be declared and this would all be for nought.

Peace never came

My technologically superior fleet got bodied by the sheer number of battleships and cruisers that year, a 27k fleet destroyed by a 20k, the galaxy was doomed.

But I had an out

I hadn’t opened the L gates, but I could right away. I could escape.

As much as I wish the grey tempest had come through the gate this time, all I got was some living metal and a new hatred for driven assimilators.

Maybe the L gate system I fled to will one day turn into its own galaxy. If that happens I sure hope they add a warning to the remaining gateway and, for Xylor’s sake,


Those 19k fleets might be 30k by the time of the next cycle…….


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