1st time player, is this base location (NE Kelp) any good?

Wow, this game is great, although not 100% what i expected after a reaper caught me while exploring the crash site around the aurora. Still great.

So after i built my first base just as i progressed to unlock the blueprints, i plan to settle on my first main base, but the actual location scouting took a bit longer that expected. Initially, i planned to build somewhere around the area of the geysir in the southern safe shallows (free thermal power, although i would've needed transmitters as i wanted a fair distance between me and sea level. I guess it's better to navigate the cyclops then and personally, i feel like a base a bit deeper would be in quieter waters than a few meters under sea level), the other location i thought of was the SW grassy plateaus near the jellyfish cave. Much space available for expansion and the blood kelp forest and other deeper areas i have yet to fully explore (went to the blood kelp forest once, got resources for aerogel, some rubies and then noped out there as fast as i can).

I decided to build in the SW location, but boy did i found a new factore i needed to consider. These reefbacks and their sound.

First layout was looking good, but during building it the reefbacks and their sound started to annoy the hell out of me. A small one crashed into the complex and needed a few slaps with propulsion cannon the get moving again. Maybe it was that one who was making the very loud sound constantly? No. I sat it out for 5 minutes to make sure but then i started to tear everything down because i couldn't imagine me staying in the base for more than a few minutes (left one MFR standing to maybe build a small outpost later on)

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Don't get more wrong, i like those huge beasts and the sound itself. The problem was that some of them appearantly where doing smalltalk because they were moaning constantly.

So after that, i visited the geysir again. Nope. Reefbacks more or less directly above me and seems to be mating season.

After exploring the edges of the safe biomes and spending a few moments listening, i found one spot at 210/429. Right at the edge between Kelp forest in the north and grassy plateaus in the south. On the map and while exploring, it felt as a good starting point to head out to the NE biomes. And one with is another big plus: the silence.

Is this an ok spot for me or will i regret that location later because i will be anywhere else in the future but in the NE? This will just be my first actual base, i definitely plan to expand into other areas later on.

My progression so far (spoilers?):

Most building blueprints unlocked, 3 vehicles built, need to follow 3rd degasi signal, visited the enforcement building, furthest i got so far was blood kelp, mushroom forest and short tours through the mountains and jellyfish cave


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