A boneshark never scared me like this. (Slight biome spoilers ahead but no story spoilers)

I was just exploring the underwater Islands. Collecting up some rubies, lithium and quartz which are located INSIDE the floating underwater islands.

I went in before, leaving my Seamoth outside, but the inside of these islands can be really disorienting. Once I almost died.

So today, when I was collecting stuff again, I decided to try to go inside the island, while in my Seamoth. About half of all these openings are big enough for a Seamoth to enter so I had to look around a bit.

I found one, got in, grabbed all the resources and looked for an exit.

I THOUGHT that what I found was the same opening as where I went in. So I gently went forward, trying not to harm the Seamoth.

I got in, quite far. But I FELT, and HEARD it was a bit more clunkier then before.

With a bit of moving my mouse around, up and down, left and right, going forward, backwards, forward again, I managed to get ALMOST out.

Now here comes the terror.

I see this boneshark, which I usually laugh at, look STRAIGHT at me from a distance. I notice this little shit is gonna get to me so I pressed "s" to backup, back into the Island.

My thoughts at this point were like: "haha suckerrrr, you won't fit into this opening. U won't get mee. I'll watch you struggle from a distance!"

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I pressed s. Nothing. I moved my mouse around. Nothing. I tried to pressing w almost through my keyboard to just move and get away. Nothing.

I came to the conclusion, that in fact, I got my Seamoth stuck.

I. Panicked. Normally you jumpscare, receive the blow, repair, and move on.

But not this time. I was panicking harder and harder, faster and faster but my Seamoth ain't moving.

The boneshark came into the opening, as far as it could. Its spikey head, crazy luminous eyes and big teeth almost completely filled my big ass computer screen and my vision from the Seamoth was blocked.

It just kept screaming and gorgling as it kept biting my Seamoth. I kept watching my poor Seamoths health go down as I continue to struggle to get it loose.

83 health.



Cracking noises.


Somehow, by glitch, luck, bug, lag or miracle my Seamoth moves a little bit backwards.

But it wasn't enough.

The boneshark was at this point not able to hurt me, so by gamecode its behaviour changed.

This mf boneshark BACKS UP, just a little bit. I thought, this is it. This is how I die. He's gonna give me his final blow. Sidenote: this is my hardcore savegame.

It HITS my Seamoth, with a little extra velocity, bumping my vehicle loose.

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10 health.

Now imagine. Me in my almost broken Seamoth, stuck in a tiny underwater Island, WITH the boneshark INSIDE the island.

The shark charged again, but this time I maneuvered my mini sub below its head. His neck. His boney body. It's tail.


I pushed it through. Got the Seamoth out. Repaired it ASAP.


I think I will now need a temperary timeout. Or at least a timeout from the hardcore stress.

D*** I love this game.


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