A severe lack of new or good fauna in BZ?


Am I the only one that feels this way? Compared to the original subnautica there are not many new creatures. I feel like we are lacking in every aspect. Leviathans, regular predators, herbivores, and maybe (but I'm not too concerned) even just regular old fish.

Let's start here. The chelicerate. It's small and it's incredibly lackluster. It's just a fish with a small grabby mouth. I don't think it fits into any biome it's in, and the void chelicerate seems like a cop out for a void leviathan imo. Not to mention, they don't bring the same feeling reapers brought to the table at all. Even now I'm still terrified of reapers but a chelicerate I can swim right by and not worry about it at all. I am more scared of squid sharks than them.

That leaves two other decent leviathans. But neither bring the absolute horror the first game did. I love them both, but we need one more that is truly terrifying near the end game.

As for the cryptosuchuses I hate their design even more. I don't think, like the chelicerate, that they fit into the game. They are truly ugly. However, they could probably work well in deeper environments scattered around the crystal caverns or fabricator caverns. I also greatly dislike their animations where they move all over the place coming to attack you.

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I feel like the chelicerate and the cryptosuchuses need totally replaced, if not moved/limited to a different biome and add a new creature of their class in their place. I would also love a near-end-game leviathan. The current leviathans just aren't scary enough unlike the sea dragon.

Now I may be wrong, and I may have an unpopular opinion. I'm just wondering if anyone feels the same way.

The final solution I propose is this. The devs and the community can do with it what you will. First, I think we need to replace chelicerates, maybe just make them bigger in the void and keep them just there as void chelicerates. Then, add one like the ice dragon or some other, very big, terrifying creature that could make or break your endgame, just like subnautica did with the sea dragon. Doesn't need to be the ice dragon, but anything big and very deadly will do. The cryptosuchuses I can live with, however it'd be cool if they'd consider moving them deeper, make them deadlier, and change animations so that they don't spaz out as much. And finally, although not mentioned before, I think they should definitely add the kitewing. An aerial predator would be amazing and it would be a new concept for the game.

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I realize it's very late in development, and my ideas might not even be considered because of that. But when I saw on the Favro they decided no more fauna it struck a realization in me that I thought they were very wrong. I felt like there was a great lack in fauna and to see they weren't planning on adding anymore made me sad. I just thought even at this far in, they can still add/replace new creatures right? I mean they totally revamped story a year ago so why not. Especially if they want community input.

I appreciate the devs and everything they've done especially trying to work around this pandemic. However, I just think I'd finally give my two cents on the game and wanted to see if there was enough people that wanted this that they'd be willing to change it. If not I understand, and I don't take any offense. Just, again, wanted to share my opinion.

This has been cross posted to both r/subnautica and r/subnautica_below_zero.

TL;DR: In my opinion the chelicerate, void chelicerate, and cryptosuchus should be replaced/limited/refined and we need a big end game leviathan like the sea dragon that could make or break your game. Chelicerates are not scary or big enough to replace reapers, as I am literally more afraid of squid sharks, and cryptosuchuses don't fit in where they are and their animations suck. Let me know if you agree.

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