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From the Survivor's Log

Day 1 – I just crash landed on an alien planet and the first thing to attack me was some kind of screaming red puffer fish. I was terrified until I saw what it was. Then I thought it was cute. I now retract this sentiment, as it exploded in my face.

Day 2 – I am afraid to leave the escape pod at night. The noises in the dark scare me and I can't see. I have an abundance of copper and titanium. I need everything but that.

Day 3 – I crafted a repair tool and fixed my pod. I feel accomplished. I also made a flashlight and have several floating storage containers. Trying to access them without changing the locker name is the bane of my existence.

Day 4 – Huge violent cockroach fish with razor teeth that erupt out of the ground and fly at me with murderous intent. Jesus.

Day 5 – The AI in my pod vexes me. Regret fixing pod. I feel she is sending me on suicide missions. She is not my friend. The radiation is spreading. If I manage to escape this planet, I will probably end up with cancer.

Day 6 – Attempted to explore the Arora wreckage. There is a terrible monster the likes of which I never wish to see again. I may have soiled my radiation suit the slightest bit. I definitely cried. The sound of its roar in the distance now makes me sweat.

Day 11 – The medical kits replenish themselves! What a wonderful discovery!

Day 25 – I found a cave containing as much shale as I could possibly need. I returned to my small base to dump my inventory. When I went to go retrieve more from the cave I could not find my way back.

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Day 26 – I made a compass and a beacon. My life is substantially better than it was.

Day 42 – Self Scan Complete. Infection of skin is growing worse. Alien bacteria is abundant. I might be mutating. It's stressing me out.

Day 55 – ALIEN LIFE FORMS DISCOVERED. I felt a sense of wonderful elation, quickly followed by shock and horror when they shot down the rescue ship. I feel that this may all be hopless.

Day 88 – I built a prawn suit!

Day 89. I I took the prawn for a spin, was enjoying hopping around… I fell into a hole. A very deep hole. It felt like I was falling forever. In reality it was about 225 meters. There are huge glowing mushrooms and an abundance of resources, which would make me happy were it not for the fact that I am lost and can not jump high enough to escape. I fear I may die in this hole.

Day 90 – I am still in the hole. Battery power is at 19%. I am legitimately freaking out.

Day 91 – I found an area where I could hop from ledge to ledge. It took some time and quite a lot of falling back to the bottom, but I am finally free. It has just occurred to me that there were better ways to go about escaping, and had I not been so terrified I might have thought of them.

Day 104 – I mined crap out of the mushroom caves. I have more gold, magnitite and lithium than I will probably ever use. Strange as it may sound, I am terribly short on copper, which I once had an abundance of.

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Day 105 – I hatched some creature eggs in my alien containment unit. One of them is violent. A dragon of the kelp. I do not know how to remove it.

Day 109 – This scanner room is garbage. Why did I even build this.

Day 471 – I built a cyclops. I do not know what to do with my cyclops.

Day 474 – Still no fucking copper. I was chased away by some kind of angry species of coral. I feel that this is a new low.

Day 476 – I need to take the cyclops and go exploring, but I think the PTSD from my previous trips has left me with too much anxiety to get very far. Here be monsters. Survivor, OUT.

More to come.


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