(A very small spoiler) I had a weird dream/nightmare

I had a strange dream/nightmare last night about another surviver of the Aurora crash. Upon getting the coordinates of another lifepod, I went to the area with my seamoth finding a very small island with a jungle like flora. When I got closer to it, my seamoth repeatedly said the same line over and over again, but the thing that creeped me out a bit was that there was a small trace of another womans voice. Trying to ignore this, I went on the island leaving my seamoth behind, Alterra must have avoided the costs for maintaining the seamoth. The area was probably half as big as the floating island, but these trees made it impossible to see beyond five meters. Anyways I found a base after searching for a while and it was full of plants already growing around the structure. After going inside the base (Not the normal Subnautica base, but more like a small house made with metal scrap) I found two or three machines looking like circular tanks and some technology build around them. My dream brain immediately recognized them to be transporters, teleportation devices from the Aurora, that were used to transport food from one place to another inside the ship with a very small range and bad quality, which is why, even with their size, it's not recommended to be used on humans. Fortunately the were all heavily damaged and parts of them seemed to have been used on other devices inside the base. Interested, I scanned them with my scanner hoping to get a transport system between my bases, but all I got was an achievement saying "trapped in a cave" and a rather disturbing PDA entry of the other surviver that probably used her lifepod to build the structure I was inside of. I only remember one word directly, which also was the entry's first and that was "help". The rest of the entry must have been a sort of journal of the female survivor, who fell into a small hole on the island that was connected to a also rather small cave. I don't know how she survived that long, but if I remember correctly, she lived there for a span of weeks with all parts of a damaged teleporter in her backpack. She tried to escape multiple times, but she had nothing on which she could stand on to reach the hole and even though the whole cave was practically covered with roots, they were so slippery that she wasn't able to reach the exit, but fell back to the ground after getting near it, it was so stressful for her, that she nearly got mad. Her food was getting low and whatever her water source was, it must have dried out, so she reached for her last resort and build up the the transportation device. Even fully intact, they were extremely dangerous and most humans lost function of their limbs and where grossly deformed, if not dead, after using them or being forced into one, so she knew the risks of using it, but both options lead to a slow painful death or a quick one and this one at least gave her a seemingly higher chance of survival. The entry stopped here and I went back to exploring the base with a bit of an unease. I discovered a construction, that the PDA called observation station upon scanning it. It had four drones that searched for threats on land and water above the island. Still functional I found four pictures all in a Bird's eye view:

First- A black monster or fish looking like a Ghost leviathan, but way smaller maybe three meters long going to the water. It had arms, but no legs and left behind a track of distorted space.

Second- A dead leviathan on the shore of the island

Third- My seamoth approaching the island

Fourth: A picture of the whole island surrounded by the shadow of a very large and long creature.

When I went back to my base with my Seamoth, I found strange items in my inventory. Some root samples, scraps and a transporter.

That was my story. I left out and added some details, but the important parts of the story didn't change.i know this hasn't really something to do with Subnautica, even though my dream plays in it, but I thought it was interesting, so I posted it here and I know all of you like big creatures hidding in the dark. If you want to, you can write your story interpretation in the comments, I already have my own.


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