Biomes Ranked from most to least scary

Dead Zone: The dead zone is home to ghost leviathans. The way their bright yellow eyes stare at you as they come towards you is horrifying. Plus hearing their screech as you infinitely fall down a infinitely deep cliff is just the ultimate horror.

Blood Kelp: The blood kelp is just way too unsettling. The distant roars of crabsquids, the horrifying music, the bloodvines. And of course the warpers give you a heart attack every time they get you.

Dunes: Do I even have to explain?

Crash Zone: The Aurora is unsettling, but hearing the distant roars of reapers is just horrifying. You don't know where they are especially in the dark. But they know where you are. The dark, by the way, is pitch black in the crash zone. You cant see 3 inches ahead of you.

Mountains: Same as the crash zone.

Lava Zone: For me personally, the distant volcanic ambience of the lava zone is really unsettling. Anyone else?

Sparse Reef: At night it is pitch black. That coupled with the ambience makes the biome really unsettling. You get that feeling that something will jump out at you.

Grand Reef: The biomes ambience without the music is just terrifying for me personally. I usually avoid the biome unless I have music on because of it. And of course there is the deep grand reef which is actually less scary because all of the anchor pods light the place up.

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Bulb Zone: The bulb zone gets put here purely for the biomes ambience. In the biome you hear "hoos" which are very unsettling. The shallower the lower; the deeper the higher pitched they get. At 200m down, they are fine for me personally, but at like 10m down they are just horrifyingly deep. And at 400m they are horrifyingly high.

Lost River: Ghost Leviathans.

Jellyshroom Cave: Its beautiful, but the distant roars of the crabsnakes makes the biome absolutely terrifying.

Sea Treader's Path: The distant roars of the sea treaders are terriifying.

Underwater Islands: If you stay at the depth that most of the islands are at, and look below you…..

Safe Shallows: Crashfish are the ultimate heart attack.

Crag Field: Pitch black darkness

Grassy Plateaus: The grassy plateaus is actually a little bit scary. The low calls of the reefbacks are unsettling. When I first started watching videos of subnautica in like early 2016 I was terrified of them. The grassy plateaus is where they usually are so that makes the biome scary.

Mushroom Forest: The mushroom forest may be the biome in which you first encounter a boneshark.

Kelp Forest: For new players, the stalkers could give you a scare at first.


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