Died on game load, then lost a Seamoth inside Cyclops – Are these bugs common?

I've been doing a Youtube letsplay thing for the last couple months where I play through Subnautica for the first time without knowing hardly anything about the game, and a few days ago at the end of my 23rd hour long episode I had finally managed to get down to the big thing holding building in the really hot place (trying to avoid any spoilers here), I unfortunately forgot to bring the thing I needed to get further and was running out of time so I just stomped my Prawn into the little entrance air pocket hallway, got out of the Prawn, stood there quite safe and sound, neither hungry nor thirsty, hit save and quit the game.

Then the other day when I started recording my 24th episode and loaded up the game, I died – INSTANTLY mind you, just the black screen of death and back to the life pod I went. No explanation of what happened, and now realising the only way I could get back down there to retrieve my Cyclops and Prawn, was to start over and build another Cyclops. This sucked for all the obvious time consuming material harvesting reasons plus kinda broke episode continuity since I always start every new video where I left off in the last one.

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THEN, a couple hours later, after I had just upgraded a new Seamoth to max depth with solar charger and docked it inside my brand new Cyclops and was getting ready to get back down to my first sub again, I was just casually cruising along when I started hearing a lot of strange loud banging noises. I decided to go out to take a look – only to discover that my brand new upgraded Seamoth is now GONE from the docking bay – and not only that, it's gone from the whole game, doesn't even show up in the beacon list anymore. And this took place at about 160m depth so I doubt a 900m upgraded Seamoth would have crushed from the pressure. What the hell!?

Has this happened to anybody else or is it just me? Is my game broken? I kinda wanna keep playing and finish out the story since I get the feeling I'm getting close to the end but now I'm getting nervous about even loading up the game again because I don't know what the heck I'll lose next :S

Also I bought and installed the game in early march this year so I'm assuming I don't have any unstable early beta release or anything like that either.


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